10 Ways That Twitter Has Changed Digital Interaction in the Past 10 Years

Despite the negativity surrounding Twitter about the recent changes to their layout and functionality, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, recently celebrated Twitter’s 10 year anniversary with its multi-million-person community the world over.

Dorsey wanted to shine a spotlight on 10 of the positive impacts Twitter has had on businesses since its start up 10 years ago.

1. Authentic Brand Voice

Twitter allows direct brand to brand, brand to press and brand to consumer interactions, giving them a platform to create a voice through displaying their unique perspectives and approaches to everyday life.

2. Real Time Marketing

Twitter opened up the fluidity of real-time, brand-consumer engagement, allowing the public to feel connected with companies through their daily interactions.

3. Creating Cultural Movements

Twitter provides a way for the world to start huge, cultural movements. Businesses capitalise on the positivity and create their own in order to encourage change in society. Twitter has the ability to attach business names to the changing marketplace in great ways.

4. New Digital Creators

Digital Creators expand their reach through Twitter where viewers and followers have easier access to their amazing, creative and sometime thought invoking digital innovations.

5. Personalised Content

Businesses can build meaningful connections with consumers through personalised marketing, aimed directly at a particular demographic of customer.

6. From the Second Screen to the First Screen

Twitter gives businesses the ability to incorporate both TV and Mobile viewing into their marketing, reaching customers on the screens they see first.

7. Live Video

Marketing is taken to a whole new level when companies can involve their followers when and where they are through live video. Showing the public what they’re doing and how they’re doing things in the moment, creates a greater opportunity for empathy and interest.

8. The Hashtag and New Forms of Visual Expression

The Hashtag gives businesses the opportunity to connect consumers with each other, inspiring them to share their unique take on a Hashtag creation, and involving them with the company’s entire network.

9. From Customer Service to Serving Customers

Customers are no longer associated to numbers, they display a personal profile when reaching out to a business, giving the company an opportunity to appreciate everyone’s unique situation.

10. Connected Objects, Connected Experiences

Marketing strategies also see businesses connecting the world to unique experiences, places and things that many people can’t access but can live through via Twitter.

We applaud the passion Dorsey holds for his business, it’s a tough world where only a lucky few break through, and Twitter is so much more than solely a social media platform, it is revolutionising marketing platform for companies great and small, facilitating the connection between brands and consumers like never before. Twitter has come under some criticism lately, especially with the recent negativity of #riptwitter, but it is worth stepping back and considering the impact that Twitter has had on not only marketing but how people interact digitally over the past 10 years.


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