LinkedIn Campaign Manager Upgrades Functionality with Audience Targeting Logic and Demographics Forecasts

On 1st October 2019, as LinkedIn announced on their blog that they will add a demographics forecasts functionality directly to its campaign manager and introduce Boolean audience targeting as early as 8th October 2019.

In the next two weeks, LinkedIn has additional plans to launch and roll out new demographic reporting metrics to advertisers.

Combining demographic Forecasting and Matched Audience for Deeper Demographic Insights

The new campaign manager dashboard with added audience forecasting information will give advertisers easy and quick access to the understanding of their target audience, which will serve their interests significantly.

The other advantage to advertisers will be the ability to apply data filters such as work experience, company size and top industry on the forecasting information. This will enable them to generate specifically required demographic information.

Integrating New and Existing Tools

The new functionality will be combined with Matched Audience, which was developed two years ago for target advertising by using browsing history and email addresses.

The Director of Product at LinkedIn Abhishek Shrivastava confirmed this by saying that they will combine Matched Audiences contacts with foresting information to serve personalised ads.

Also, they will now be able to deliver advertisements that are more personalised than before and packaged in a way that will fully capture the attention of the target demographic.

Audience Targeting Queries with Boolean Logic

This second functionality will allow advertisers to use Boolean-based querying terms on databases with information like job function and level of management to generate customised demographic data reports. The reports will enable advertisers to create a larger audience base for purposes like social campaigns.

Shrivastava explained that the Boolean target facilitates easy navigation with improved efficiency and accuracy. Another advantage of Boolean targeting is that it uses the narrow down query to connect you to user-specific information classes. The Boolean function has extended the capabilities of a single campaign, which can be now used to reach as many people as the query will allow.

What’s next for LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn plans to roll out a new metrics system at the audience level in the next two weeks. The new additional functionalities provide advertisers with powerful tools to create and manage their social campaigns.

LinkedIn said that planning forecasting is an important part of any successful campaign. LinkedIn plans to continue developing tools to know their audience to understand them and use that information to perfect their campaign initiatives.

In 2018, linked overhauled its campaign manager to give it a new re-designed interface in a bid to build its back-end for fast data loading. LinkedIn stated that that was just but the first step in a longer plan and urged advertisers to be on the lookout for improvements.


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