Google adds tweaks, enhancements and reports to Google Search Console for videos

Video content is ubiquitous online and there are more hours of footage available than anyone could hope to watch in a lifetime. Plenty of vloggers, streamers and entertainers depend on video content to make a living online, so Google’s announcement of enhanced reporting features being added to Google Search Console makes perfect sense.

Better understand how your videos perform

As so many people depend on the success of their videos to make a living, these enhanced reports can be a lifesaver. Google have added two new reports that provide a deeper insight into how well your videos perform in Google search results. This can help you understand who your videos are reaching and who they aren’t, which can help you make sure your videos are being targeted at the right audience.

Videos in Search Appearances Performance report

In addition to the search performance of other pages and content, you can now also see videos as a specific category under ‘Search Appearances’ in the Performance section. This allows you to see when your videos are appearing in search results, how many impressions it’s generating and how many clicks it has. These are important stats both for understanding how people are finding your videos and analysing important statistics such as click-through rates, important for understanding your own videos and for attracting advertisement and sponsorship deals.

Videos must be implemented using specific VideoObject mark up in order for information to be scraped reliably. Google may detect videos in other ways, but it is less reliable.

Videos under Enhancements report

A new section has been added under Enhancements specifically for videos. Once again it is highly recommended that all videos on your site use VideoObject mark up, as this helps ensure that video data are mined by Google correctly. As Google detects videos on your pages, it will add them to the Enhancements report for videos.

The enhancement reports offer an increased insight into the performance of your videos, tracked over time and displayed on easily understood charts and graphs. It can also segment data, such as by location or device, so you can get a deeper insight into your audience. It’s incredibly useful for both content generation and marketing to get a thorough understanding of who is watching your videos and how. The new enhancement reports make it easier than ever to generate, track and display this data.


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