The Discontinuation of Yahoo BOSS

Yahoo introduced BOSS on July 10th 2008 and now, after 7 years, it has announced that the service will be no more. BOSS is the contraction for Build Your Own Search Service. Official closing of the tool will be on March 31st, 2016. Yahoo, on its BOSS website, informs users that they can use the services until the date above. There are also instructions for users who have the BOSS JSON to switch to YPA.

How BOSS Works

The tool allows for third parties to build their search services. They can use assets such as technology, data, social graph, and content to get their products up and running. Initially, developers and non-developers had the chance to use the search index on Yahoo to come up with their own applications. There were some changes later on when Microsoft took the reins. With access to the index, developers have the chance to manage the resources they get from search results and mould them to suit particular requirements. They can do that by using a website or program. The search features that come with Yahoo are also available to developers. When a site uses the same index as Yahoo, then the search term ranking is the same.

The Benefits of BOSS

Yahoo BOSS was also free for users until the Summer of 2010. In those days, BOSS had no ads. Developers enjoyed quality results because Yahoo put a lot of money in the search engine’s research and development. Then, Yahoo announced that developers would have to pay for the service to provide for its sustenance. With the use of Yahoo BOSS, developers have access to various features from the service. One such product is the hosted search, which makes it possible for developers to customise their search applications. They can do this by removing the Yahoo search box and adding their own, and can even incorporate their logos. The feature is suitable for bringing in revenue through paid searches. If developers do not have their own search boxes, then the services come with free ones. Yahoo BOOS also offers geo services for developers. With PlaceFinder and PlaceSpotter, developers can make their applications location-sensitive. Billing for Yahoo BOSS will continue as it is until 31st March. Developers can choose to delete their apps before then and switch to AYP, which offers search ads for publishers and algorithmic web results as well. Currently, Yahoo is not accepting new signups for BOSS.


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