Google’s AdWords app for Android now supports Universal App Campaigns

As advertising is the lifeblood of Google, it was only a matter of time before Android received the welcome upgrade for its AdWords app to support Universal App Campaigns. It is now possible to measure an app’s performance and revenue at a glance, all monitored on two neat conversion columns. And, to free up more time for developers to focus on developing new apps, Google’s automated system will make all the necessary adjustments to fully exploit conversions.

A streamlined user experience

Universal app campaigns allow app marketers to distribute their ads across all Google’s major channels in one smooth action.

Although Universal App Campaigns can be set up directly from the AdWords app or the Google Play Developer Console, unlike AdWords, there’s no need for developers to waste time producing multiple ads. Universal App Campaigns has been developed specifically to streamline the process by pulling the information app developers, marketers and promoters have already brainstormed in their Google Play Developer Console. As Google says, “Just provide us with a few inputs about your app.” It’s as easy as: write a brief, name a bid amount, set a budget, and any other specifics, such as languages and locations, then let the users find the app. Google’s ad creation and bidding system does the rest: it will trial various scenarios and report on what’s working best; it will even change bids to increase downloads and maximise performance. Just like Google’s self-driving car, there’s nothing else to do.

For marketers who want full control, the updated version of Universal App Campaigns for Android gives full access within the app to make any adjustments on the go. Just by glancing at the new conversion columns they can gauge performance, including downloads, the total conversion value, and cost-per-install.

Universal App Campaigns reach far and wide

Once Google’s smart software creates the app ads, they’ll be ready to appear across all Google networks: YouTube, Google Search Network, Google Display Network, AdMob (AdMob has over 40 ad network partners) and any Google search partners who host app ads. Using several methods, AdWords will generate and optimise the keywords, and Google will match ads to search results relevant to the app. In a nutshell, it’s common-sense targeted marketing, designed for maximum (potential) profit.

The latest version of AdWords’ Universal App Campaigns for Android is available in the Google Play Store.


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