More than 50 New Markets and New Features Added to Google Shopping Ads Platform

This year Google has also realised that most businesses, including SMEs, are focusing on the global market. The realisation has seen the company expand their Shopping Ads as well as adding new features that will aid businesses to target shoppers internationally. You can now promote your Shopping Ads in an additional 50 markets, turning the total markets into 95. Below are the latest features to aid in the utilisation of the increased availability.

Multi-Country Feeds

With the new development, it is now possible to advertise products in different languages and multiple countries. The product availability to other countries will depend on your country and the language used in product data submission. The countries are subdivided into three groups, that is group A, group B and group C. Countries that are not in any group yet will require a manual set-up. For example, product information uploaded in British English can also be available in other English speaking countries such as Australia and the United States. Advertisers are also required to provide their target location and shipping ability to ensure that the ads are only available to those with a higher possibility of completing a purchase.

Automated Feeds

Google Shopping Ads’ automated feeds have been introduced to make it easier for sellers to add product data to Google. With this feature, Google Merchant Centre can use crawls of your website to get the most up to date information about the products on your website. For the automated feeds to perform, the advertisers must add features such as the website’s product structured data mark-ups and website site maps.

New Merchant Centre Experience

The new updates in the merchant centre are a milestone in promoting easier navigation and the straightforwardness of workflows. You already know that google merchant centre is essential in enabling your Google shopping campaigns to succeed. This means that an improved merchant centre will enable advertiser’s track their products better and also get information on how to promote products and sell online.

In the new update, Google has condensed most of the common features found in the right-hand navigation into clearly labelled tabs such as marketing, growth products. The less-used features and settings for activities such as returns, shipping and taxes previously in the left-hand navigation have been moved to the wrench drop-down at the top right of the feature. There is also the option of ‘surfaces across Google’ in the new merchant centre interface. This new feature is only available in the US and India shows products in rich snippets and product annotations from Google images with no charge. Google plans to expand the Surface across Google to other countries before the year ends.


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