Is Your Business Prepared for the ‘New Norm’?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty right across the globe. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been forced to alter their operations in line with government guidelines and many sectors have rapidly evolved in ways that now mean they are virtually unrecognisable from their pre-pandemic forms.

Encouragingly however, many businesses have adapted extraordinarily well considering that there was no warning and no time to prepare. Survival is the name of the game right now and those that can carry on into a post-pandemic world will need to prepare for a new normal that is likely to look markedly different to the one we had collectively become so accustomed to.

So, what has changed?

The retail space changed virtually overnight. Many physical stores were forced to close and those that were permitted to stay open were forced to navigate rationed or reduced stock whilst also implementing strict social distancing measurements to keep their staff and customers safe. During this time, more consumers have been spending more time at home and have started to engage with the digital space in new ways. Shopping behaviours have therefore shifted markedly and increasing numbers of transactions are taking place online.

As soon as lockdown measures were introduced, consumers took the opportunity to embrace online retail. Many online retailers saw their sales figures spike and significant numbers of consumers reported that they were purchasing products online that they would usually buy in store. Additionally, as stock levels fluctuated, consumers opted to shift away from the brands they were familiar with and shop with those they might not otherwise have considered simply because they had the products they were looking for in stock and available for delivery.

This shift to digital highlights just how important it will be for businesses to maintain a strong online presence moving forwards and search engine optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of doing this well. Here at Search Creative, we specialise in digital marketing in Liverpool and deliver a range of data-driven solutions and services to businesses looking to enhance their digital presence. We understand how to support businesses of all shapes and sizes to future proof their offering by remaining adaptable to the changeable conditions of today’s online marketplaces. Over the years, we have helped companies to overcome a range of different challenges and we know that there are always opportunities for growth to be found in difficult situations.

If you are looking to devise and implement a strong approach to SEO and access exceptional pay per click management, Liverpool based agency Search Creative can help. We can focus upon placing your business in the best possible position to boost your traffic, increase your conversions and achieve strong growth, even within highly pressurised environments and challenging circumstances. Remember, it is in these situations that some of the most useful and informative data can be collected, which can then be used to drive future decisions and ensure that your company has an inherent level of flexibility built in to every aspect of your operations.

The shift to digital will continue post-pandemic, so what can I do now to help my business in the future?

Most businesses have found this period of time difficult to navigate for various reasons. Through this, however, we have collectively been reminded that the most successful businesses are equipped with strong tools and strategies to support them through stormy conditions. Those businesses which manage to weather the storm but emerge on the other side having found the journey particularly difficult will need to create strong survival strategies and implement them as a matter of urgency.

As more consumers actively choose to engage with the digital landscape in greater depth, businesses will need to invest more time and resources into ensuring their digital offerings are equipped to appeal to the needs, wants and expectations of the audience they want to impress. Although we understand that some decision makers are reluctant to direct funds into SEO and digital advertising in such a financially uncertain time, those who instead view this time as an opportunity to capitalise on increased digital audiences will emerge with a stronger digital presence.

It is important to remember that high-quality SEO is extremely versatile. This powerful channel can help your business to achieve a variety of goals whilst simultaneously ensuring that your business can adapt to variable environments moving forwards. To give you an idea as to what good SEO is capable of helping you to achieve, this time has clearly illustrated that consumers are eager to consume high-quality content.

Crucially, because they want easy access to the information they’re looking for, digital content is an excellent way for your business to form new connections with the right people at the right times. From answering commonly asked questions to showcasing your knowledge, optimised content can be used in a host of ways to boost your ranking position in search engine results pages (SERPs) and demonstrate that you are a leading figure within your niche.

Although the premise of SEO is relatively straightforward, it has many nuances and moving parts that need to be given appropriate levels of care and attention. The Search Creative team has the creative and technical knowledge to help businesses like yours to devise a strong content strategy and comprehensive program of optimisation measures to deliver an approach that performs well and supplies you with a solid return on your investment (ROI). Offering a program of first class SEO in Liverpool, Search Creative can audit your existing approach and identify new avenues of opportunity to ensure your business is primed to succeed moving forwards.

The evolution of SEO and digital marketing in Liverpool

With growing numbers of consumers becoming increasingly accustomed to exploring the online space, social media is playing a more integral role than ever before. Brands and businesses need to know how to appeal to and connect with their audiences using social platforms because this is an extremely cost-effective way to build brand recognition and nurture an engaged community who have a genuine interest in what you have to offer.

Content and online marketing go hand in hand but time and again we see that businesses remain reluctant to invest in this aspect of their digital strategy. At Search Creative, however, we know that sub-par content creation efforts immediately puts businesses on the back foot. Why? Because websites that are consistently refreshed with new, well-optimised content are rewarded with stronger ranking positions by Google’s Freshness algorithm. This means that they attract more traffic and can drive stronger conversion rates that make a significant difference to their bottom line.

Maintaining relevancy is imperative and targeting the correct keywords plays a key part in ensuring your website is attracting the high-quality traffic you need to boost your bottom line. Even businesses that have been struggling to secure sales over the last handful of months can begin to set the groundwork for a powerful digital strategy that will support them during their future financial recovery. Rather than focusing on the creation of sales-driven content, investing in building awareness of your brand will help you to create an engaged community and ensure that you establish a sense of trust and mutual respect.

Specialising in online marketing in Liverpool, Search Creative ensures that content sits at the heart of every optimisation strategy we create for our clients. Whether you want to boost your traffic, increase your conversions or build your social following, a considered strategy will help you to reach, and in some cases even surpass, your objectives.

Why you should consider working with a digital agency specialising in SEO in Liverpool

As a long-term, lasting investment, your digital strategy should be created with the ability to grow and develop with your business. The content you create now won’t just serve your business now, it can also be updated and refreshed accordingly to support the changing objectives and needs of your brand.

Dedicated to delivering the best online marketing in Liverpool, every strategy we create begins with a technical audit of your existing digital presence. From analysing your site’s structure to ensuring that your content is optimised with lead generation in mind, we will utilise a variety of tools and analytics data to ensure that your digital presence is able to attract and continue to engage your ideal audience.

The format your content takes will be informed by the type of business you operate, the image you want to present and the objectives you want to achieve. So, from capturing contact information from prospective customers to ensuring the experience you deliver to every visitor meets their expectations, the way you approach content, SEO and digital marketing will make a tangible difference to how effectively your business is able to survive and thrive during challenging circumstances.

When it comes to first-class pay per click management Liverpool agency Search Creative can demonstrate its value

From increasing your online transactions to building brand awareness, pay per click (PPC) campaigns can help your business to become more dynamic and responsive to changeable landscapes. To put this in some perspective, COVID-19 has resulted in consumers being less brand focused and more likely to purchase from unfamiliar companies who can deliver the products they want within a reasonable timeframe. This might change as some aspects of daily life return to normal, but consumers have undeniably been equipped with the confidence to widen their online shopping parameters. This means that more businesses are being presented with unique opportunities to strive for growth in ways that simply wouldn’t have been possible pre-pandemic.

This increased sense of familiarity with the online space means that it is likely more consumers will continue to make more frequent purchases online. Ensuring that your business is hyper-visible and remains at the forefront of your audiences’ minds when they are considering products and/or services that you offer is going to be key to effectively capitalise on as many of these new sales opportunities as possible.

PPC campaigns can be used to connect with consumers on multiple levels. From local to global advertising, well-managed campaigns can help businesses like yours to unlock the current and future potential of your business. So, whether you are looking for ways to make it through the current situation or are eager to ensure that you are prepared to capitalise on every opportunity that has the potential to transform your business for the better moving forwards, now is the time to invest in your digital strategy.

By partnering with an experienced agency such as Search Creative, you will have immediate access to the skills, knowledge and creativity needed to make a positive impact in what are becoming increasingly competitive online marketplaces. Wherever you are on your digital journey, we can also supply you with consistent encouragement and support to ensure you continue to make progress, even during the most difficult of circumstances.


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