The Importance of SEO to Liverpool Based Businesses

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the ways in which we all choose to live our lives and since the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially announced that we are experiencing a global pandemic, the retail and e-commerce landscape has altered significantly. Search Creative specialises in internet marketing in Liverpool and provides a wide variety of information-driven services to businesses who are not only looking to survive challenging situations, but are eager to identify ways in which they can also thrive in the process.

Before we go any further, let’s briefly explore the current state of the digital landscape, touch on how COVID-19 has changed things, and look at how a comprehensive approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) and PPC management in Liverpool can support your business to drive valuable growth during an unprecedented time that might permanently alter the way we shop and approach our daily lives moving forwards.

The state of the digital landscape during and after COVID-19

The approaches and practices of myriad businesses across the world have had to adapt in order to meet the changing demands, needs and expectations of consumers. The retail landscape has been significantly affected and has seen both substantial declines and unparalleled increases in sales in the space of just a handful of months. It has become increasingly clear that SEO and digital marketing are two key tools that businesses need to utilise effectively in order to weather the storm that COVID-19 has brought our way.

Professionals who understand the ways in which the online space works recognise that responsive digital strategies are required to ensure businesses are equipped with the tools to adapt to the changeable future that businesses across a variety of sectors will need to navigate. This is because the ways in which consumers will choose to shop moving forwards have likely changed forever and will, ultimately continue to evolve over the coming months as the new age of digital e-commerce continues to emerge.

For businesses who have found this period of time to be particularly challenging, creating and implementing the correct strategies is a matter of survival. As it is extremely unlikely that consumer habits will ever look anything like they were pre-pandemic, actively responding to uncertainty and using this time to ensure your business is resilient and adaptable is critical. As more consumers spend more time engaging with digital channels, businesses must shift more of their attention towards ensuring their digital offering is equipped to meet the needs and expectations of their ideal audience.

So, while some businesses are wary of investing in online advertising or SEO because of concerns surrounding reduced revenues or limited investment opportunities, the smartest decision-makers are actively using this as an opportunity to identify new ways to engage with the section of consumers who are spending more time on social media and are choosing to explore new parts of the online landscape in general.

There are a variety of ways in which businesses can identify new engagement opportunities, particularly through the consistent delivery of high-quality information. Consumers have never been more hungry for information. Not only do they want easy access to the information and answers they are looking for, but they also want it to be presented to them in engaging formats that are easy to consume. This time presents an excellent opportunity for businesses like yours to refine your search and content optimisation strategy and ensure that your efforts are connecting with the right people, at the right times, and in the right places.

Good SEO is both powerful and versatile. From helping you to alter your offering to appeal to a slightly new audience to weather the current storm to future-proofing your business or ensuring that your business is best-placed to remain adaptable to changeable conditions moving forwards, SEO can help you to strive for success and deliver a solid return on your investment (ROI).

The Search Creative team are dedicated to providing each and every client with access to high-quality SEO in Liverpool and beyond. With a team comprised of experts who understand how to help businesses to navigate highly complex and changeable digital landscapes, Search Creative can also help you to identify and actively target some of the wealth of new opportunities that are making their presence known amidst the challenges and difficulties.

What does the future of online marketing in Liverpool look like?

It certainly isn’t revolutionary to say that content is an essential element of effective online marketing but it would be remiss of us to overlook the fact that it is becoming more integral as more people spend more of their time engaging with the online space. It is not uncommon to encounter businesses that remain wary of investing in their digital content and this is something we expect to divide business leaders during the next twelve months.

It can sometimes feel intimidating to invest in the digital sphere, particularly during difficult times, because everything is so fast-paced and it requires consistent attention. Here at Search Creative, we remain unendingly committed to the power of online content and recognise that businesses who press pause on their content creation efforts now will struggle to attract steams of high-quality traffic that, with the right strategy in place, can be converted into paying customers later down the line.

Websites that are consistently updated with new content are routinely awarded with higher ranking positions in search engine results pages (SERPs) by search engine algorithms. This is why when we encounter businesses that are experiencing a decline in their online traffic, we generally recommend investing in the creation and optimisation of content that has been specifically shaped to address the unique needs and motivations of their audience. For some businesses, creating content that targets specific COVID-19 keywords will generate the most beneficial results, but this is not the case for all businesses which is why engaging the expertise of content and optimisation experts is imperative to drive the outcomes you ideally want to achieve.

Marketplaces are already competitive spaces but as more businesses start to recognise the opportunities that can be secured from the creation and maintenance of a strong online presence, these spaces are going to become even busier. This is why you need to take steps now to boost your online visibility and establish your business as a leading figure within your niche. With the right approach that remains flexible and responds to the changing landscape, you will find it easier to attract more traffic, connect with more people, and increase your revenue over the long term. Immediate revenue growth isn’t something that all businesses will see because of the ways in which the pandemic is affecting their industry but your content doesn’t need to be sales-focused to make a tangible difference to your bottom line.

In fact, for many businesses, actively avoiding overly sales-focused content will drive the most beneficial results. Content can help you to build brand awareness, earn trust from your ideal audience and provide you with unique opportunities to illustrate your expertise that can make a positive and lasting impression that is certain to ensure your business remains at the forefront of their minds.

As a professional team specialising in internet marketing in Liverpool, we ensure that content sits at the heart of every powerful strategy we implement for the clients we partner with because it has the ability to generate results that cannot be replicated by any other means.

Unlock the potential of your business by working with an agency specialising in SEO in Liverpool

The initial investment required to kick start a strong digital strategy will often continue to deliver strong traffic equity over the long-term. Remember, optimised evergreen content has the power to serve your business both now and in the future. Similarly, different types of content can be adjusted and re-optimised to suit changing search algorithms and/or the evolving proposition of your business to ensure it is well-placed to provide your ideal audience with the information they are looking for and a reason to trust that you are the ideal business for them to engage with.

From conducting in-depth technical audits to evaluate the current state of your digital presence to ensuring that all aspects of your strategy are tailored to benefit your ranking position and help you to attract steady streams of traffic, we recognise how important it is for your business to be ultra-visible online for all the right reasons and how vital it is for your content to sit within easy reach of all sub-sections of your ideal audience.

Many businesses, particularly those operating within industries that have seen large declines in short-term sales, will also find that this is an excellent time to ensure that all content is well-optimised with lead generation in mind. Capturing and holding the attention of your audience is a skill and requires a strong strategy to maintain connections that you can nurture ready for conversion at the earliest opportunity. Here, focusing keenly on delivering high-quality, valuable content is imperative and well-placed calls-to-action (CTAs) should help you to decisively channel your audience towards the next stages of your sales funnel.

Importantly, every optimisation investment you make will have a positive impact on the overall user experience (UX) you are providing to your audience. In addition to ensuring that your business is consistently hyper-visible, this will show your audience that you care about their wants and needs, and are eager to take steps to meet their expectations.

The value of investing in first class PPC management in Liverpool

Pay per click (PPC) advertising can help businesses of all sizes to advertise on a global, national, regional and/or local level. PPC campaigns require careful management in order to remain adaptable and responsive to the changeable nature of digital marketplaces, which is imperative to ensure that your business is agile enough to capitalise on every new opportunity that has the potential to deliver significant returns.

Although some businesses are actively stepping away from PPC in the current climate, as the changing priorities of consumers become clearer, there are opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes to use this information to their advantage. Whereas quality, price and brand were once the three most consistently named priorities for consumers, the importance of availability now cannot be overlooked. This is just one example as to how content and digital advertising can help your business to connect with potential customers in changeable environments, the power of which has only been heightened as consumers have been forced to become more accustomed to new ways of shopping for both luxuries and essentials.

If you are eager to identify ways to weather the current storm and identify potential opportunities that your business can capitalise on both now and into the future, partnering with an experienced team specialising in online marketing in Liverpool such as our experts here at Search Creative who are equipped with the creativity, skillset and knowledge to help your business to make the best possible impact online, can give you the support and encouragement you need to keep moving forwards.


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