Google My Business: Additional Marketing Features Available to Business Owners

Have you recently updated your Google My Business profile? If you have not done it for more than six months, there are new features that you are missing out on, and they could change your fortunes. This platform has always been useful to business owners, but there are additional marketing features that most people do not utilise fully. Google My Business is always upgrading their services to ensure that users get a better experience.

If you look at some of the best performing online companies, you will notice that they hugely rely on this platform. We have compiled the following recent addition that you can use to enhance your business and reach out to more customers.

Google Q&A

The new Q&A feature from Google My Business allows customers to ask questions directly on the business listings. These questions can be about anything from specific questions relating to your products and services to simple comments and even nonsensical ones. When they use this service to ask questions, customers are sure to get a faster response.

One of the most significant advantages of using the Q&A feature is that you can identify the questions that your customers ask most, and seed them in the Google My Business Platform. This action will help you to save a lot of time and resources because customers who browse through your profile can find answers to some questions without having to ask you or your employees.


Descriptions used to be a popular feature in the Google My Business platform, but it was discontinued after some users abused it. However, you should be happy because it is now back, and it has been made even better so that you can use it to enhance your marketing campaigns. You are allowed to include a description of your business, but it should not exceed 750 characters.

The best way to use descriptions for marketing your business is by optimising them according to your niche and targeted customers. You do not have to use all the 750 characters because you risk truncating it. As long as your paragraph is unique and coveys a precise message about the business, you are good to go.

Book an Appointment

If your business involves customers booking an appointment for services, you can use this feature from Google My Business to make things easier. It allows you to direct your customers to a landing page from where they can make an appointment. Any business can utilise such arrangements from law firms to healthcare providers and restaurant owners.

When you use Book an Appointment, you have to make sure that the squeeze page or landing page offers clear information on the bookings. Your customers do not want to be directed to a confusing site. In addition to that, make sure that they get an appointment that you can keep.

Google My Business’s features have been enhanced, and this is good news for both national and local business SEO campaigns. You can also share information about your next product release, or future events through Google Posts, another new feature on the platform.


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