Google Adds Additional Functionality to its Google Ads App

An update for the Google Ads app aims to offer users the ability to create and edit responsive search ads.

The update, which will be available for both the iOS and Android versions, is currently rolling out. Previous versions of the app only supported enabling and pausing responsive ads, which had to be created outside the app. This makes it much easier to manage and optimise your Google Ads campaigns.

The Google Ads app has been an excellent tool for users of Google’s AdSense programme, allowing them to manage ads on the go rather than tying them to the desktop. While being able to stay connected to an ad campaign is hugely valuable for many users, the app has always had some limitations. These have included the inability to create ads. Users could pause ads that were currently running and enable them again, but could not create new ads.

The new update will fix this issue, allowing users to create new responsive ads within the app itself. This new function will come as a welcome relief for users who previously had to make their ads on a desktop device and then manage them from the app. It’s also possible to edit responsive Google ads within the app, regardless of whether they were created on desktop or mobile. This allows a new degree of agility for users running an AdSense campaign.

Another improvement is the ability to manage negative keywords from within the app. Negative keywords are an important part of any Google ad campaign; these are search terms advertisers exclude from their campaigns, allowing for more narrowly targeted and relevant ads. Managing these negative keywords is a function that was previously available only to users via the desktop interface.

The latest version of the app has a number of new features. With the update, Google Ads App users can:

  • Manage negative keywords, not just reviewing them but editing negative keywords and creating new ones.
  • Add new negative keywords straight from the latest search query results. If the queries that are triggering a user’s ads aren’t relevant, they can now block those search terms directly from the app.
  • Receive recommendations from the app to remove negative keywords when there’s a conflict between these and the user’s desired keywords, blocking ads from being show when a relevant keyword is searched.

You can download the new update right now by visiting the Play Store if you’re an Android user, or the Apple App Store if you’re on an iOS device.


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