User Actions Reporting to be added to Google’s Search Console

Google have redesigned their Search Console platform to track user actions from now on as an integral part of the product. Google’s rationale for this change stems from their rethink of how to facilitate better accountability and cooperation for their users, and the history tracking function will enable information to be made available on which particular user has made property-affecting modifications. The Google team envisage that this will lead to more effective team cooperation and transparency regarding user actions.

We’ll take a look at the significance of some of the key aspects below, which amongst other things will be able to show how particular logged-in users have made any changes such validating an issue or changing a setting for instance.

New Features of Google Search Console

Unique features of the Search Console will now include:

1. User management as an integral function of the Search Console

2. Ability to share read-only reports on a more wide-scale basis

3. User management interface that allows users to view and manage user roles where appropriate

Best Practice Recommendations

Google has set up some recommendations for best practice to ensure those managing user permissions in the Search Console can ensure they are utilising the new aspects of the system to their full advantage, and in the neatest and most effective manner.

The recommendations include only granting users appropriate permissions needed for their work or activities; sharing issue details report by clicking on the ‘Share’ link; removing permissions from those who no longer need access and removing verification, and ensuring regular audits and updates of user permissions take place to keep the site up-to-date. Another add-on to the Search Console will come later in the form of giving all users the capacity to view important site messages.

Feedback welcome

As part of the initial Beta stage release of the Search Console Google decided to enable give an insight into the new system and sought feedback on the operation. Consequently, some users requested a greater lead-in time for the new updated user management model and had concerns about the premature capacity for all users see who else was a member of the site. In response to this Google have postponed this part of the launch to give users more time to prepare, and the company have opened up a feedback form and welcome any insights or discussions about the enhanced functionality of the Search Console.


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