Non-Skippable Ads to be Rolled Out to All Publishers in YouTube

YouTube is soon going to be allowing everyone in their partner program to create ads that are non-skippable. This is going to be a game changer for many advertisers and video creators.

Prior to this, creating non-skippable ads was only allowed for those selected in the partner program. Now, as long as you’re able to monetise content you’ll be allowed to place non-skippable ads in YouTube videos.

Why YouTube video ads are more effective than TV ads

It’s been found that video ads are 3 times more effective than those shown on TV. Viewers are far more likely to click on a video ad link than they are to take notice of ads shown during a TV program.

Ads that are highly targeted towards a niche specific audience on YouTube can prove highly effective. Skippable ads are normally played for up to 6 seconds before allowing visitors to skip the ad.

Non-skippable ads can be shown on both desktop and mobile devices. They’ll be able to play for up to 20 seconds before allowing the viewer to continue watching their video.

YouTube believe this is long enough to get the ad message across, yet not long enough to annoy visitors. Video ads can be shown at any point in a YouTube video, but if shown before the video starts, the viewer must watch the entire ad first.

How YouTube video ads can boost your ROI

Imagine not only getting your message across in front of a laser targeted audience but also being able to track engagement. YouTube are allowing creators to track audience engagement and revenue.

By split testing ads you can discover what works best and enjoy a better ROI. To make things even easier, YouTube plan to add a tool that allows you to bulk upload non-skippable ads. You’ll also be allowed to delete in bulk as well.

How non-skippable ads can benefit YouTube video creators

If you’re a video creator on YouTube you may already be aware that you can demand more money for a non-skippable ad. Now that more advertisers will be able to use them, you’ll be able to increase your revenue.

This allows you to see estimated earnings and how engaged with the content your audience are. Seeing the number of shares and likes, plus if viewers are rewinding and rewatching parts of your video is valuable data.

If you’ve already created a video with skippable ads enabled, you’ll now have the option to make it non-skippable. You can simply turn them on and off.


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