New Google Ad Formats Announced: Live Stream and Swirl

Are you planning to put some money into Google Ads as part of your Internet marketing strategies? Then you will like to know there is a bit of interesting news from Google in this department; recently, some interesting additions have been announced to their advertising platform, as outlined in this article.

The new options available include an interesting new ad format aimed specifically for YouTube live streamers, which could help expedite the process of growing an audience. There is also a new unusual display ad format that allows advertisers to create ads featuring a 3D view of their products, which viewers can readily interact with.

Read through the following sections for a detailed description of the new features:

Introducing YouTube live stream ads: a powerful new tool for aspiring live streamers

For marketers who are interested in growing a YouTube presence, the newly announced ad format will likely be useful – especially when looking to quickly grow audiences around live streams. These new ads are called “Live stream ads”, and as the name suggests this is essentially a type of ad that encourages viewers to check in on your live streams.

This new ad format will not be limited to YouTube ads but instead will be compatible with just about all placements available on Google ad display network. When you create a campaign using the new format, potential viewers will come across your live streams anywhere – from intermissions in YouTube videos to regular ads shown in any relevant website.

When a person comes across a Live stream ad, they can watch your live stream directly or expand to a full screen video just like they would on YouTube. At this point, it hasn’t yet been clarified what the pricing structure for these ads will be like, but it’s likely advertisers will be charged according to the time visitors spend watching the live stream through the ad format.

The future of product display ads is here, and it’s 3D interactive

Another innovative ad format that has been recently announced and should be available soon is called Swirl, and essentially adds support to displaying interactive 3D objects in the actual ads.

This will introduce some interesting new possibilities, such as allowing advertisers to effectively display physical products in their ads – in a way that allows potential clients to get a clearer sense of the product by rotating it around for a 360 degrees view, as well as zooming in to observe details.

Allowing potential clients to look at products from all angles could be a game-changer; publishers will now be able to use their existing 3D assets to create engaging ads that should provide very effective results. Swirl ads should be available to advertisers before the end of summer 2019.


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