Google Ads Expands its Optimisation Score Feature to Include Display Campaigns

Google recently introduced changes to the Google Ads optimisation score to increase focus on display campaigns. The optimisation score is a feature for websites that advertise within the Google Ads platform and provides site owners and webmasters alike with a percentage figure indicating how optimised the Google Ads campaign is. The feature allows advertisers to determine areas of improvement.

Scores range anywhere between 0% and 100% with fully optimised Google Ads campaigns achieving a maximum score of 100%. Google generates scores using metrics such as historical performance and auction simulations. It also employs artificial intelligence tools such as machine learning to enhance the accuracy of the ratings. Advertisers can view their optimisation score on the Recommendations section of the Google Ads.

New Display Ad Scores

While Google has retained the four recommendation sections, it is clear that it is now emphasising on display ads. Indeed, there are over 1000 recommendations for display ad campaigns compared to just a few dozen for other features such as conversion tracking. Even though the optimisation score for display works in the same way as that of shopping and searches, some recommendations only apply to display campaigns. The unique recommendations include targeting expansion, smart display campaigns, and responsive display ads. The new score and recommendation features will enable advertisers to identify opportunities to enhance their display campaigns.

Improving Visibility on The Display Network

The new feature will allow advertisers to profoundly enhance their Display Network campaigns by optimising them to target different user segments. The changes were informed by the realisation that advertisers need to improve their performance on the display network if they are to increase leads and conversions. Indeed, the success of a Google Ads campaign is highly dependent on optimisation level.

The display network contributes around 20% of all ad traffic and reaches over 90% of internet users. Therefore for advertisers aiming to generate the maximum ROI from their campaigns need to understand how it works and use it to promote their brand and product/service offering to different audiences. Advertisers need to understand the nuances of ad formatting and ad placement for their sites to achieve high optimisation scores for display ads.

The network accommodates different types of ads ranging from text to images, videos, and rich media. It provides over 20 ad block sizes for advertisers to choose those that best fit in their websites. For best results, users should create display ads of varying sizes. Ideally, they should format ads that fit all the dimensions provided by AdSense to ensure that they show on all websites. They should also improve placement targeting using tools such as the Display Planner so that their ads are reaching relevant audiences.


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