Reddit Reports 30% Increase in its Monthly Active Users

In the last quarter of 2018, Reddit reported having attracted 330 million monthly users on its platform. This year, 2019, its report reveals that the number has spiked by 30 percent to reach 430 million active users each month. Reddit also announced that the active users went the extra mile of contributing to 199 million posts, 32 billion upvotes and 1.7 billion comments, figures that explain why it is eclipsing Twitter and Pinterest.

What do these the Figures Mean?

Reddit’s significant growth in its monthly activities exceeds Twitter’s 321 million and Pinterest’s 322 million active users. It was after redesigning its site last year that Reddit reported the rise of its page views and the time spent on the app and web pages. Now that the site is fully redesigned, Reddit is more focused on boosting its ad offerings.

With the significant spike in its users this year, the platform looks to target prime niche audiences with its ads. Because of the big spike in the number of users, this is the time for advertisers seeking to target niche audiences. Towards the close of October 2019, the number of comments and monthly views had increased with 37 and 54 percent, respectively.

The most upvoted post was the 300 billion dollars fundraise led to Reddit by Tacent, China, valuing the site at 3 billion dollars. The site users were concerned that this would eventually lead to censorship from the Chinese, meaning that certain images not allowed in china would not be shared. News in 2019 was a major focus, growing by 17 percent. Bill Gates’ “Ask me Anything” post was the most upvoted, receiving 110,000 upvotes.

More on the News

In 2018, Reddit introduced its first news tab to gather more traffic, whereby timely articles would be posted. With the growth, this idea worked. In 2019, top stories included the hearings of Robert Muller, the protests in Hong Kong and climate change, among others. Politics took the top position in the news section.

Elsewhere, the food community grew by 3 percent, family and parenting 87 percent, wedding-focused 109 percent, sports 34 percent, gaming 42 percent and entertainment 27 percent. Across its more than 100,000 active communities, the platform noted different trends, including an increase in its top communities such as beauty and style. The improvements were said to have been boosted by blogger beauty feuds, with the most popular being skincare.

However, Reddit, in its report, did not expound on the page views and revenue. In the US ad revenues, according to eMarketer, Reddit may reach 119 million dollars in its ad revenues. The analyst also estimates that the revenue may double by 2021 and claim 0.2 percent US digital ad marker shares from 0.1 percent.


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