Grow Your Accountancy Firm: Customers Are Searching For Your Services Online

You don’t need us to tell you that the accountancy landscape is highly competitive and for firms eager to increase their reach, secure new clients and drive additional revenue, standing out online for all the right reasons is now more important than ever before.

The importance of SEO for accountancy firms

The days of turning to phone books to secure new clients are long gone, having been replaced by the internet which allows us to access all the information we could ever require in just a few seconds. The business marketing landscape is now primarily driven by search engines and this means that your clients will find you, rather than the other way around.

Maintaining a robust digital presence is imperative because your potential clients will use the information they glean about you online to decide whether to engage your services over those offered by competitor firms. Remember, your potential future clients are already using the internet to search for firms offering the services you deliver, which means that you need to ensure your business is visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for the keywords and phrases they are using.

Search engine optimisation strategies that have been tailored to the unique needs of your accountancy firm can help you to achieve a myriad of business goals and objectives, from increasing leads to effectively channelling those potential clients into your marketing funnel. Most searchers won’t look beyond the first page of results for the query they are conducting and, as such, securing a high ranking position will make a significant difference to the results your accountancy firm is able to drive from your search strategy.

The reality is that for accountants SEO is no longer optional if you want to drive tangible results that will contribute to the long term success of your firm. But the good news is that with a solid search engine optimisation strategy in place, enhancing your search visibility and connecting with new clients at precisely the right time will help you to drive growth and increase your revenue.

Brands and businesses driving the best results from search have tailor-made strategies that have been specifically designed to help meet a unique set of goals and objectives. Here are just a few ways in which, through our SEO efforts, we can help your accountancy business to thrive over the coming months and years.

Organic Reach

The fact of the matter is that if you aren’t appearing in search results for the types of accountancy services you offer, how are your potential customers ever going to find you? They aren’t, which is why ensuring your business has a solid organic reach is such a critical component of search optimisation success.

Your website needs to be thoroughly optimised to ensure that the major search engines understand both its content and its context. Search engines want to deliver the most relevant results to every searcher for every query they make. To do this, they use intelligent algorithms to crawl websites looking for key pieces of information, which they then use to determine the rankings for each search conducted on the platform.

Discoverability is key because if your potential clients can’t find you, they will take their business to one of your competitors. Visibility is particularly key for accountancy firms offering specialist services they want to both promote and ensure leads, clients and prospective customers immediately associate with their business. So, if you specialise in R&D tax credits, VAT, and self-assessments, targeting keywords and phrases related to each service will help you to outrank your competitors and earn more organic traffic from SERPs.

Local Search

Increasing awareness of your brand on a general level is just one aspect of a comprehensive SEO strategy. For many accountants SEO on a local level will drive even more significant results than targeting a wider audience. This is because it is often easier to successfully convert leads who are in close proximity to your business and can easily access your services in-person.

Local search optimisation strategies should be multi-faceted and allow your business to connect with prospective clients at precisely the right times. When a potential client uses search engines to look for accountants offering specific services in their local area, it is reasonable to assume they are ready to make serious enquiries with firms that they view as being knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. Maintaining a strong local presence and presenting your business in the best light in these locations online is key to driving enquiries, sales, and revenue.

We are living in a time when most businesses maintain some level of online presence, but many are yet to discover the true value that lies within local SEO. By integrating a local approach into your overall optimisation strategy and ensuring you are present within all relevant geo-targeted searches, you will be giving your business the best chance to succeed. Don’t forget, one-third of all searches conducted in the UK includes a search term that is related to a specific geographical location, so this is one element of search optimisation you simply can’t afford to overlook.

Notably, as you will face less competition for searches that are geographically-specific, this approach can be more cost-effective and deliver a better return on investment (ROI) than running a national or global campaign.

Outranking Competitor Accountancy Firms

Most businesses are aware of the importance of good SEO, which means that competition for the top ranking spots on search results pages is high. To ensure that you sit above your closest competitors, you need to ensure that you are going above and beyond to implement a considered SEO strategy that leverages the power of every optimisation opportunity.

Importantly, SEO for accountancy firms can effectively target both searches and searchers. Personalised optimisation strategies developed by the right teams will facilitate the targeting of searches that will allow your accountancy business to form positive connections with leads that have the potential to successfully convert into long-standing, high-value clients.

The Seamless Road to SEO Success

Although SEO can seem complex and overwhelming at first glance, with the right team on your side, there is no reason why securing solid ranking positions in results pages should feel like an impossible task. Effective SEO is actually one of the simplest ways to secure additional exposure for your accountancy business online. It will also help you to target increased numbers of potential clients, and provide you with the invaluable opportunity to convert those leads into revenue that will contribute to the continued sustainability and success of your business.

Crucially, however, you need to know that your SEO team understands how quickly the search landscape develops. As our team will remain adaptable and sensitive to both the changeable wider landscape and the evolving needs of your business, you can have confidence that your investment will deliver the best possible results. The best SEO strategies are proactive and progressive, which is why we always remain adaptable and eager to integrate new approaches or make refinements to leverage the full power of search engine optimisation and help each one of our clients to achieve their unique objectives.

What Can a Strong SEO Team do for your Accountancy Business?

Partnering with an experienced optimisation team will ensure that your SEO strategy is primed to work hard for your business and allow you to meet, and even surpass, your core objectives. With our knowledgeable team on hand to work closely with you for as long as you need us, your accountancy business will never again invest in a digital strategy that isn’t capable of helping you to achieve great things. Powerful SEO for accountants extends far beyond numbers and metrics; it’s also about forming connections with both experienced digital teams like ours and high-value clients, both of whom will contribute to the long-term success of your business.


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