People Are Searching For Financial Advice during This Global Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses of all sizes operating within a variety of sectors right across the globe and the extent of the financial implications arising from this unprecedented situation are highly variable.

We are all currently living through a uniquely financially volatile time and accountancy firms are sitting firmly at the forefront with regards to advising and managing both the integrity and the stability of organisations looking for support. Many businesses are looking for accurate financial advice that will allow them to make the most of every available allowance to weather this unique financial storm and emerge on the other side in the best financial shape possible. Accountancy firms just like yours will benefit from tailored search engine optimisation advice that will ensure that your potential clients know who you are, where to find you and, critically, precisely what you can do to help them through this uncertain time.

SEO for accountancy firms is now more important than ever before

A comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy is essential for all accountancy firms looking to leverage their digital presence to drive leads, fuel growth and increase revenue. Crucially, however, individuals and business owners are currently turning to Google and other major search engines in unprecedented numbers to find information on a wide range of financial topics, including the latest treasury-approved government measures, how to defer VAT and, in some of the most extreme cases, how to close their limited companies.

In real terms, this means that for accountants SEO is now more important than ever before, as increasing numbers of businesses are actively looking for personalised assistance and advice as to how best to weather the financial uncertainty that this global pandemic is, unfortunately, producing. The government has introduced a wide range of measures for both businesses and the self-employed, many of whom will be looking to obtain support with leveraging the most value from the latest allowances that are being made available to them.

The financial landscape is changeable and business owners are looking to professional accountants for the latest information and educated strategies as to how best to proceed. This means that the information businesses are searching for is varied. The HMRC deadline is approaching quickly, but taxpayers have time to utilise the reliefs and allowances available to reduce their tax liabilities and potentially inject immediate cash flow into their businesses. Self-employed individuals are also looking for tailored financial advice, particularly as the on account 31st July 2020 payment has now been deferred to 31st January 2021. Crucially, however, this benefit won’t be actively felt isn’t until July and individuals might still need to make claims for business losses in the meantime. Without securing the right advice, they might find themselves landed with a larger tax payment in January 2021 and find it difficult to maintain the levels of cash flow required to sustain their business over the coming months.

So, whether you want to be there for sole directors, professionals looking for help with business rates, or you are in a position to cover a variety of different services for those who need your expert guidance, you need to ensure that your accountancy firm is hyper-visible in search engine results pages (SERPs) for the keywords, terms and phrases that your potential clients are using.

Delivering the solutions your potential clients need, when they need it most

Although during self-isolation and lockdown the lives of many of us have slowed significantly in many respects, the news cycle during this global pandemic is moving at record speed. People are consistently turning to the digital space for the most accurate and up to date information, and are actively looking for the most trustworthy sources to help them make the most informed financial decisions.

People are looking for actionable, decisive solutions to their financial concerns and accountants are well-placed to deliver high-quality services that will make a tangible difference over both the short and long term. In addition to specific results-driven strategies and solutions, business owners are looking to implement measures that will deliver a sense of continuity and allow them to continue focusing on their long term success when the coronavirus crisis starts to feel more like a distant memory and less like an active, once in a generation life event.

Living through a global pandemic is a unique experience that we, hopefully, won’t see again, but at a time when almost everything feels so uncertain, identifying new opportunities and potential avenues to explore is an ideal way to give our days meaning, focus and a sense of purpose. Financial professionals and accountancy firms are being presented with an unprecedented opportunity to solidify their reputations and deliver first-class services to people in potentially professionally life-changing situations. So, for accountants SEO is key because this is how you can both ensure that your firm stands out in SERPs and promote your business directly to the people who are actively looking for the specific services you provide.

Innovative optimisation strategies that are tailored to the unique offering of your accountancy firm will help you to achieve your core business objectives, even in difficult times. The simple reality is that most people won’t delve beyond the first page of results for the searches they are conducting. We all lead exceptionally busy lives and want access to high-quality information without having to expend much time or energy. And we want this because we 1) know it is possible and 2) have become accustomed to having everything we need at the click of a button.

However, despite this being almost universally true, it is not too much of a stretch to assert that it is particularly true now because individuals are, understandably, looking to obtain the most accurate information as quickly as possible during this time of uncertainty to ensure the decisions they are making are as informed and as considered as possible. So, if you want to play a significant role in assisting businesses and the self-employed who are struggling to navigate a financial landscape that is being impacted heavily by an unprecedented global pandemic, you need to ensure you are ranking highly for every query that is relevant to the services you can deliver.

Looking throughout 2020 and beyond

From increasing your leads to channelling prospective clients into your marketing funnel and successfully securing additional conversions, dedicated SEO for accountancy firms can help you to drive impressive results from search at a time when your services and expertise are urgently needed.

You already know that the accountancy landscape is an ultra-competitive sector and most firms have at least a basic understanding of the importance of search engine optimisation. This means that you need to go above and beyond to ensure that your optimisation efforts are actively helping your firm to outperform your closest competitors and allow you to establish yourself as a leading voice within your niche.

It is certain that the financial implications of Covid-19 are going to be felt long after the pandemic has ended, and you are in the unique position to be able to provide some relief and support to concerned business owners. Partnering with an experienced optimisation agency can help your accountancy business to leverage the full potential of search, demonstrate your expertise, secure new clients, and drive growth that will give your firm a sense of security throughout this uncertain time. You already have the skillset to make a significant difference to both businesses and the wider economy. So, now is the time to allow us, a knowledgeable and experienced optimisation agency, to help you help others at a time when pulling together is ultimately the only way we will make it through this complex and difficult time.


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