Over 100M Hours of Video Watched Daily on Facebook

According to Q4 earnings figures released by Facebook, the leading social network in the world continues to leave its competition by ever increasing gaps. The figures appear to be climbing higher even when using all possible measurement methodologies — growth in daily active users, in revenue, and in the number of hours spent watching video daily.

To get more and more users both consuming and uploading videos on Facebook has now officially turned into a strategy pillar as reflected in the quarterly earnings report from the Company.

Growing Popularity of Facebook

Reports from Facebook indicate that at the end of the Q4 in December 2015, an average of 1.04 billion online users logged daily into Facebook. This figure has risen from 1.01 billion daily account users recorded at end of Q4 in September 2015. Each month, 1.59 billion users were logging in as by the close of Q4 — with some 1.44 billion of the 1.59 billion accessing the Facebook through a mobile device.

The numbers indicate Facebook Groups popularity are displaying no hints of reducing the tempo, with each month witnessing 1 billion people making use of them, up from the figure of 925 million recorded at close of Q3 in 2015.

Numbers of Videos Watched Daily

Facebook video content is now getting consumed than in all previous periods, with each day recording 8 million videos watched. Collectively, this amounts to 100 million hours of video viewing. This is a figure that is sure to solidify and cement Facebook’s position as a genuine rival to YouTube.

It may be somewhat hard to quantify those metrics— exactly what does 100 million hours of video viewing really mean? — Yet these matter because the advertising strategy of Facebook is going to be designed following the behaviour of users. More video consumption on Facebook will translate into additional video advertising on Facebook. And because video ads are typically more high-priced, this means more Facebook revenue.

Growth of Facebook Business Revenue

Facebook continues proving itself as a worthy web home for businesses, recording on its network by close of Q4 in 2015 some 50 million small business Pages. 45 million small business Pages had been recorded by close of Q3, which effectively implies that 5 million new businesses Pages have been created during the period of 3 months.

Throughout 2015, the growth of this social media powerhouse has earned it revenue amounting to $17.93 billion, up by 44% from the 2014 figures. Most impressive perhaps is the fact that Facebook reported by end of 2015 that 80% of its total revenue in advertising came from mobile.

What does the Future Hold?

Facebook is not hiding the growing significance of video to its business. Because of the multiple revenue streams, businesses and people are flocking in droves to the service. This is strengthening its dominance on mobile, and the stressing the growing popularity of original video content. Everything is looking up for Facebook as Q1 2016 rolls by.


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