The Importance of SEO for Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted most businesses and brought some operations to a grinding halt. Firms are using different strategies ranging from hoarding stock and cash discontinuing operations to manage the crises. In these gloomy conditions, it is understandable to be downcast, but there are still several options that can help your business thrive even while others are closing and cutting jobs.

One promising approach is the use of search engine marketing to drive traffic and boost sales at a time when most customers are locked down and depend on online shopping to access essentials. We have compiled a list of reasons why you should invest in SEO as a coping strategy.

Filling a need

Some social media users have gone over the top with their negative predictions, but the reality is that consumers are still buying necessities for present and future needs. You can use search engine marketing to reach out to such customers. This is a tool you can use without moving out of the office and still achieve tangible results.

Scarcity stimulates search behaviour

The current market trends indicate that some goods may become scarce in the future. Already, toilet roll, hand sanitisers, pasta, rice and many more household items have become a rarified commodity that is promoting panic buys among UK consumers. Naturally, customers will follow news on such goods while keeping track of other commodities that may become rare as the situation changes. Take advantage of these trends by positioning yourself as an expert providing information on scarce goods and how to get them or proposing cheaper alternatives. Then use SEO to find suitable keywords that fit your promotional campaigns.

Boost cash flow

Cash is always a critical business resource, but is especially valuable during economic crises. Firms that have plenty of cash can obtain stocks and deliver them to customers while others are scrambling to secure credit. Reliability often translates to customer loyalty during times of hardship. But how can customers know that you have what they need if they cannot find your business online? This is where search engine marketing comes in. By creating optimized content, you can drive both organic and paid traffic towards your brand. If you put yourself at the top of search results, you will stand out as an expert, make sales, and establish relationships with potential customers. You can then convert the leads into sales because chances are that the customer has been desperately searching for sellers who meet their specific needs.

A measurable investment

If your marketing campaign is at the top of the funnel, and you are dealing with budgetary constraints, it is prudent to target customers who intend to buy immediately. And nothing targets such customers better than search engine marketing. What’s more, there are reliable metrics for determining the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You just need to analytical and tracking software that allows you to closely monitor the performance of your campaigns and which channel generates the highest ROI.

At a time when buyer behaviour is bound to change drastically, it is imperative to make marketing decisions that are based on current data. Search engine marketing renders itself to this form of marketing because it is inherently reactive. You can rely on an SEO marketer to find trending keywords that capture the customer’s imagination while sympathising with their situation. Moreover, research indicates that SEO has a higher ROI than most other forms of marketing in terms of generating direct sales and opt-in mail lists. This finding will be more valid during times of restricted movement because people will search more. You could be the saviour that self-quarantined customers are looking for just when they are about to breach safety protocols.

Seize the moment

The pandemic may be inconveniencing some of your promotional activities, but it is also a great opportunity to enhance your search engine marketing efforts. You can take advantage of the current situation to enhance your sites online presence, primed to benefit from being in front of your ideal customer when the situation improves. The investment you make today will reap great rewards later in the year when you are busy with other types of promotion.

The COVID-19 Pandemic may disrupt your business in ways that may reduce quarterly sales, but there is still a compelling justification for investing in search engine optimisation campaigns. Such an investment will increase your visibility at a time when most customers are looking for information and deals online. Even if a lead does not convert into a sale, the acquired skills will come in handy when devising marketing strategies for the future.


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