New Review/Ratings Mark-up Report Has Been Added to Google’s Search Console

Google is launching a new report in the search console for websites that use review or rating mark-up. When a website marks its reviews or ratings with an appropriately structured information mark-up, a featured snippet is created.

Snippets of the review can either be displayed directly in the search results or as a fragment of the knowledge window. According to Google, a review snippet is a small excerpt from a review or analysis from a site, usually the average of many reviewers’ aggregated rating results. This is among the most commonly used types of structured data on the Internet and is used by millions of sites for many types of content, for example, films, books, products, events, and more.

New Google Search Console reports are designed to help website owners create checkmarks. Reports track whether the mark-up is employed correctly and monitor the performance of the advanced search results.

Three new features are displayed in the Search Console, each of which can be used to report on review snippets. They include:

1. Check the Snippet Augmentation Report

So that website owners can make the most of their ratings, a new rating snippet is now accessible in the Search Console for websites with ratings or structured rating information. The report permits you to view errors, valid pages, and warnings for mark-ups realised on your website.

If you solve the problem, you can validate it using the report. This starts a process in which Google redraws your affected web pages. The report covers all types of content that are presently supported as snippets.

2. Check the Appearance of the Snippet in the Performance Report

You can now use the Search Console presentation report to view the performance of marked review or review pages in Google Search and use the new rating snippet to Discover.

Meaning that you can view clicks, impressions, and CTR results on your snippet pages and analyse their performance to know how they are developing for one of the available dimensions. For instance, you can filter data to determine which pages, queries, devices, and countries control your traffic.

3. Check the Snippet in the Rich Result Test

Once you’ve added structured data to display snippets on your pages, you can check them with an extensive tool for testing results. You can check the code snippet or send the URL of the page. The test displays errors or ideas for your structured information.

Finally, the new tools are designed to help you understand the effectiveness of snippet pages with review fragments in your search and to find and fix rating issues.


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