Google’s June – July Updates

Google is one of the world’s most popular search engines. Not only does Google offer an effective way of searching the web for relevant content, but they also provide users with an email service, social networking site, web browser, maps and so much more. To keep up with the wants and needs of users from around the world, Google uses the latest technology to update their systems on a monthly basis. The latest June and July updates include site links changes, site clustering and a focus on page quality within search results. This massive update includes a total of 86 changes that were made to improve search quality and algorithm.

Site Clustering
In the past, searching on Google may have landed you several top results that all come from the same domain name. Many users took to Twitter and other social networking sites to voice their opinion on this matter and how it is unfair that some domains practically dominate the search engine results. This does not give other domains the opportunity to rise in the results, gaining more visitors. In some cases, the first 8 to 9 search results have come from the same domain. Web results should now cluster together if coming from the same domain, making the results better and simpler to read. The months to follow should contain more updates in relation to site clustering and search algorithms.

Page Quality
Google has come out with a number of new changes that are being made to page quality results. Search results should now provide users with high-quality content from trusted websites and resources. New data within the Panda algorithm will help to determine high-quality websites from lesser-quality content, giving you overall better results. Providing content from trusted sources is becoming a major concern for Google.

Sitelink Changes
Google is now trying to make search results, titles and overall wording more user-friendly. Boilerplate text in sitelinks will be removed and will only keep information that is useful for the user. The launch of this update also includes clustering changes within sitelinks and ranking fixes.

There are many other updates and changes coming to the Google search engine while these are just a few of the most prominent. Over the next several months, expect to see changes and updates within these features and more.


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