Mobile Internet Use Exceeds Desktop

For the first time in history, mobile internet use has exceeded PC internet use. This landmark shift marks a huge change in the way that consumers engage with the internet, and means that many online brands will have a lot of catching up to do. For many companies, who have only just gotten used to the concept of doing business online, and providing online support, purchasing, marketing and engagement efforts, the thought of having to cater to a specific kind of user will be quite confusing. However, those brand owners must take some time to consider how they will provide mobile-friendly communication aids, data and websites, otherwise they will be left behind.

How Consumers Use Their Mobiles

According to Frank N. Magid Associates, an online publishers association, 99.5 percent of consumers use their mobile devices to access online content. More than half of mobile users access the internet and check their email online via their mobiles, while 49.2 percent listen to music, 46 percent play games, and 41.7 percent download apps or use apps that require an internet connection. What’s interesting to note, however, is that while a huge percentage of mobile users go online, only 15 percent use their devices to make purchases. It is likely that this will change as more people spend more time on their mobiles. The Mobile to Bricks and Mortar Cross-Over One thing that the study did not track is offline behaviour. In many cases, users may be searching for information about bricks and mortar stores and restaurants, or products that they intend to buy in a store. These conversions are incredibly hard for third parties to track. Brand owners may be able to get some idea of their mobile to real-world crossover by tracking check-ins on Foursquare and Facebook, or reviews on Yelp, or by offering mobile-enabled reviews, but this is not a perfect tracking system. However, there is a lot of potential to track engagement for mobile users who place orders or interact with your brand on social media. Business owners would do well to consider mobile users when desveloping websites and incentive systems, developing their websites and planning new marketing campaigns. If you want to market your local business, talk to an SEO company in your area to find out what works for other local companies. Don’t neglect your offline or desktop marketing efforts yet – treat mobile as a simple extension of your brand.


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