Why dedicated ‘thank you’ pages are now a must-have

If you are engaged in PPC marketing, a dedicated ‘thank you’ page is a must-have for your website.

There was a time when you could get away with not having one; however, thanks to the release of smart pixels for Facebook and Bing, you are missing out on quite a few rather useful things if you don’t have a final ‘thank you’ page on your site.

What the smart pixel does

Smart pixels offer a new level of tracking, with audience retargeting, conversion tracking, dynamic ads, customer conversion information, conversion optimisation, lookalike audiences and more all in one pixel.

What the pixels do is follow the user from page to page, meaning that you can identify exactly what path they took through your website − where they came from, how long they were there, and when they left. You can use this information not just for retargeting but also for identifying conversions, assuming, of course, that you have the complete picture. If you don’t have all the information to hand, you could end up remarketing to the wrong people or with an erroneous impression of how well your campaigns are running.

What your users want

It is also important to think about what users want. A ‘thank you’ page offers reassurance that the transaction or registration went through and that the page is working properly. It improves customer confidence, reduces the risk of duplicate leads, and makes your site look more professional.

Adding ‘thank you’ pages should not be difficult. It is something that you can do quite easily with WordPress and most other popular content management systems. Most affiliate programs offer redirect pages, while payment processors such as Stripe, GoCardless and even PayPal can direct users back to custom ‘thank you’ pages based on the transaction being performed or a generic ‘thank you’ page for everything.

Given the relative simplicity of setting up a tracking pixel, and the power that it offers, it makes sense to have one. Good remarketing can slash your advertising costs and also massively increase your conversion rate. It can take a while to set up a proper campaign, but it could well be worth it. Web users are becoming increasingly tech savvy and they are not going to have patience with poorly-written websites. It does not take a lot to add that finishing touch and reassure customers that you are legitimate.


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