Instagram Adding PPC Functionality to Allow Marketers to Show Ads in Explore Tabs

Instagram is one of the most widely used applications in the world. The app has already managed to lure in more than a billion monthly users, of whom 500 million are actively using the platform daily. This has prompted the management to add another feature that will see a business accounts benefit hugely. Recently, Susan Bucker Rose, who is Instagram’s product marketing director, delivered the great news to its huge followers. She mentioned that Instagram would be adding a Pay per Click functionality within its platform. The functionality is expected to be placed in exploring tabs. This means that once initialised, Instagram can be used as an effective PPC marketing platform.

Why should Individuals with business accounts be thrilled?

Considering the number of people using the platform, business accounts will be able to reach a huge audience worldwide through the Ads. Susan Bucker mentioned that the Ads would be nicely and thoughtfully integrated on the explore tabs. The pilot program is expected to start soon with only a few brands being served with the functionality. The Ads will, however, first be used to promote one of Instagram’s video platform known as IGTV. The analysis will be done throughout the period to check its effectiveness. This function is expected to increase the visibility or brands on Instagram. They will be able to lure in leads from wherever they are instead of waiting for them to come to their location in the platform.

Will the new feature be successful?

According to speculation, the added feature is expected to be successful. This is because at least 50% of Instagram users access the explore bar every month. Hopefully, that percentage which is hundreds of millions of people will be enough to make the launch a success. The Ad is specifically meant for brands, and according to statistics, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. This means that at the end of the day Ad feature will end up being accessed by quite a huge number of people.

How will the ads be placed?

If any brand is interested in placing an Ad, they will have to do it using the Facebook Ads manager. Advertisers should also note that they can extend their ad campaign to as long as they wish. This way, they get to make it visible longer for more people to see. They function just like the feed ads and story ads just that the explore bar add is much better.

The incorporation of the ad feature on the explore bar will have a positive impact on numerous brands that use Instagram to showcase their products. It is so far one of the best ways to get new clients. With the huge numbers of people using Instagram, the feature is expected to propel business account in terms of visibility and eventually, sales.


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