Bing Ads Updates Keyword Planner

Bing have launched a new update to their Keyword Planner, the one-stop shop for creating and improving new and existing web campaigns. There are some valuable new features and updates that are now live in the US with a roll-out for other countries coming soon. The update has 4 key elements:

More competitive benchmarking and insights

Advertisers can now compare their ad impression share alongside competitors and market leaders by viewing their share for certain keywords suggested by the planner and comparing this to the domains of their competitors. The benefit here is to help advertisers find and implement opportunities to add keywords with high volumes if they find themselves in a situation where their impression shares are lacking. In addition, they’ll be able to:

  •  analyse search volumes by monthly averages
  • analyse suggested bids and shares of ad impressions
  • benchmark themselves against their competitors based on a high, medium or low rating.

Based on a set of suggested keywords, the ‘Compare to Market Leader Domains’ feature gives a comparison of an advertiser’s average ad impression share against the averages from the top 5 market leaders.

Create customisable ad group and keyword bids

Advertisers can obtain information on suggested new keywords and ad groups with historical statistics in the traffic estimates page. Bids can be changed based on individual keywords or ad groups, with keywords and traffic estimates generated using this information. For keywords with different bid levels, the bid landscape graph shows the likely performance for each and what each bid percentage change is likely to cost. It’s simple to adjust all bids by the same percentage through a simple hover and mouse click directly onto the graph.

Introducing a new source for keyword suggestions

Keyword planner now has a nifty new tool where a URL can be added directly into the field to generate suggested keywords, based on the content of the page.

Up to 24 months customisation for keyword search volume

Bing’s new Keyword Panner tool has vastly improved on the old 12 month view by now being able to go back up to 24 months. This gives advertisers a more flexible and holistic view of seasonal and year-on-year trends, enabling them to see the keywords that feature strongly at different times of the year. Ultimately, this means that advertisers will be able to allocate future budgets based on past performance history. It will greatly help those who run seasonal campaigns based on trending keywords.


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