The Importance of Mobile Page Speed for not only SEO but also UX

It is not so long ago when Google rolled out its mobile first algorithm making page speed a key ranking signal. The method of page speed is a concept that is not new for SEO experts across the world. Nevertheless, apart from improving SEO rankings, page speed is also essential when it comes to user experience or UX.

Pages with low speeds experience a higher bounce rate than those with higher speeds. Pages that load slowly significantly affect the user’s experience due to the amount of time it takes to load into your site.

Why should companies care about how their mobile page loading speed?

Companies or business should care about their mobile page speed since it will offer their users content and user experience, which allows them to access what they are looking for with no delays.

How can a company benefit from reduced load times and enhanced usability?

1. Offer consumers an unforgettable user experience

It is important to ensure you offer visitors to your site the appropriate content experience. The content you provide your users should be of high quality, which satisfies the users’ needs completely.

The content you provide must be sufficient for all stages of a user’s journey.

2. Ensure your page speed is fast

According to statistics, about 40% of people tend to do away with a search site if it takes more than three seconds to load. To help you achieve an excellent user experience, ensure you increase the speed of your pages to load within two or three seconds.

It is essential to know a majority of users will not wait for a page to load if it has delays. They opt to look for solutions on other pages that have a fast loading speed. Having a quick page loading speed ensures you also stay ahead of your competition.

3. Contemplate using AMP

The use of AMP may not be a ranking factor but it useful in maximising your pages speed. Once AMP becomes a ranking signal, it will allow you to see the improvement in your search engine ranking. It will also enable you to increase your conversations. The benefits you acquire from AMP are a result of the increase of speed to your website pages with the help of AMP.

4. Look into your mobile friendliness

To help you check if all your pages are mobile friendly, you can use tools like Gtmetrix and Page Speed Insights. These tools will also enable you to look at the mobile speed of your website pages.

5. Acquire a strong action call

The action call may sound a lot like an SEO tactic, but it can be a practical help when it comes to building your pages user experience. When users visit your site, they should automatically know your sites CTA.

If you desire they download a specific app or acquire a brochure, then ensure you state your call to action.

For you continued success online it is important to ensure that your site is not only search engine friendly, but also user friendly otherwise you may not generate the business that you require from the ever expanding online marketplace.


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