Google Analytics Launches 360 Suite

Following the development of the micro-moment trend which Google has popularised, Google has come up with suite tools that will be useful for premium users. This is in a bid to help marketer’s better benefit from customer behaviour.

Companies have been streaming data from infinite channels. This has made it almost impossible to get a genuine view of the customer journey. It is possible to measure traffic to a website from different online channels, but the main question Google is trying to answer is about digital marketing in relation to offline visits.

Google is playing a major role in ensuring marketing data is communicated in the right manner and this has been made possible with the introduction of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. With the current system, marketers who rely on analytics are able to perform better than their peers. Google has rolled out this update following information that many toolsets are poorly done, lack sufficient collaboration and are hard to use.

To help businesses achieve a personalised customer centric formula of marketing, Google has offered the 360 Suite, which makes the brand useful to potential customers. This is a step that should be applauded considering it allows businesses to see a different and new journey in real-time and offers relevant information.

To better understand what the 360 Suite is all about, it is necessary to have a look at what Google has incorporated in the update. Below is a breakdown of each for better understanding.

Audience Center 360 (beta)

This is a platform that allows marketers to manage data, which helps them to understand customers and find more across channels and devices. The system comes with a native integration with DoubleClick and Google and is available for third party data providers. This is Google’s first data management platform (DMP). With the data management tools, it is also easier to predict customer behaviour. Marketers will be in a good position to optimise for better results and to offer easy access to customers and potential buyers.

Google Optimise 360 (beta)

This is a site testing product that allows one to personalise for delivering and testing different versions of visitor statistics. The system is designed for A/B testing, which helps one to make prudent decisions while designing landing pages. Marketers are able to use these details to improve customer experience and exportability of their sites. The overall effect is an increased flow of customers and better quality submission to servers for accuracy.

Data studio 360 (beta)

Analysing data and crating visualisation that leads to reports and dashboards has been the dream of many marketers. Google has responded to this call by offering the Data Studio 360, which offers real-time sharing and collaborates with the technology applied in Google Docs. It will make information submission and customisation fast and more accurate due to the addition of extra tools. Marketers are able to create more appealing designs for their products to ensure the potential market appreciates the message.

Google tag manager 360

The Google tag manager 360 feature is a new standalone product, which is an update on the previous tag management product. The product is useful in gathering site information to help increase data accuracy and make workflows better. It is meant to bring about efficiency while ensuring marketers communicate details in the most precise manner possible. For the current versions, marketers can take better control of their information and are able to easily interpret statistics due to the additional tools that come with this product.

Google analytics 360

Previously known as the Google Analytics Premium, the new Analytics 360 will work as the measurement centrepiece of data. It will analyse customer data from various touch-points and can be integrated into the ads generated by the company. This will help marketers offer better details and maintain relevance while designing their campaigns.

Google attribution 360

Google Attribution is a new version of Adometry, which is a rebuild. While marketing, advertisers have been having hard times allocating budgets, but with this tool, it is now possible to evaluate and allocate budgets for ads. Having a plan on spending minimises irrelevant spending on ads, which enhances saving. The product is available for third party integration for data streaming and customisation.


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