Google’s Next Penguin Refresh Could Be The Final One

The next Penguin update should be right around the corner, and it could very well be the last. This has recently been suggested on Twitter (21st April) by Google representative Gary Illyes, raising some eyebrows as usual within the SEO communities. So what exactly is the take-away from this statement? Are these good news or bad news? This article will clear it all up.

Truth of the matter, the announcement wasn’t so much of a shock for those of us who are familiar with Google’s modus operandi and algorithm deployment tactics. A similar situation had happened previously with Google Panda, which was initially updated and revised every few months, until eventually it evolved into a real time version that became a part of Google’s core engine. A similar approach is bound to be adopted with Google Penguin, and it looks like the final steps should take place as soon as the next few weeks.

What are the implications of a real-time Google Penguin?

In simple terms, having a real-time Penguin should be regarded as positive news because it should bring about quicker resolutions from penalties (provided the offending criteria have been managed by the webmaster).

With the previous updates – which rolled out manually at roughly 6-12 month intervals – one could do nothing but try hard to comply with Google’s webmaster’s guidelines during the long wait until the next update would be released. Only then would recovery either manifest to some degree, with improved search result placement, or otherwise nothing might happen at all – in which case all one could do was to rinse and repeat, waiting for better luck next time… which isn’t a pleasant thing to when one’s online business sorely depended on those rankings which had been affected by a Penguin related penalty in the first place.

Now that Penguin is on the verge of going real-time and becoming part of Google’s core algorithm, this should lead to much faster resolution of pending penalties, as well as less drastic search engine upheaval. Granted — when the (possibly final) Penguin version 4.0 is released, the usual massive fluctuations in search results should take place. But from there on, things are apt to run much more smoothly, with faulty link building leading to fast acting penalties which can be resolved swiftly as well… often in a relatively small time-frame, as the Google bots scour the web cataloguing back-links and determining the trustworthiness of pages.


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