Google Aims To Roll Out Its Algorithms Globally

Google plans to launch its Algorithms globally, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Garry Illyes said via his twitter account. Illyes was responding to a question from a twitter user who wondered how far behind in algorithm updates Google markets like Google South Africa and Google Egypt were. “Nowadays we’re working hard to launch everywhere at once,” Illyes replied, meaning that all users will be impacted at the same time when the Algorithms launch.

How Google launched Panda

This “high quality sites algorithm” went live first for all English queries worldwide, responding to searches on and The Panda Algorithm, also known as Farmer, was designed to recognise poor quality pages—sites that contain relevant page content but bad user experience resulting from lifting information from other sites or providing information that internet users are not looking for. Higher quality sites that post original content, studies and reports typically rank highly. When Google launched Panda, users conducting searches in Korean, Japanese and Chinese had access to the service last.

Penguin Rolls out Globally

Unlike the Panda Algorithm, the Penguin usually updates globally. Thus users who conduct queries in any language or from any area all open to impact at the same time. It is easier for Penguin to launch globally because it’s typically about Link profiles, and doesn’t analyse language. Penguin is designed to provide rankings for sites that don’t follow quality guidelines set by Google. It does this by looking at the website’s backlink and rating poorly sites with poor backlink profiles. According to Google, Penguin approximately affects slightly more than 3 percent of search queries in English and 3 percent in other languages such as German, Arabic and Chinese.

The Algorithmic Future

Although Google hasn’t recently announced any algorithm changes, As Illyes pointed out, when they roll out another algorithm, it will be globally. All internet users will be able to modify their sites as fast as everyone else to conform to Google’s guidelines. These include Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt and Google South Africa.


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