Verify Your Facebook or You Can’t Publish Sponsored Content

Over the years, Facebook has been allowing people to post sponsored content on their pages regardless of the status of the page. However, with the recent update on their regulations, it is likely some people who were enjoying this benefit will no longer have access to the same. This is after Facebook stated that the feature will only be available for verified pages (those with the blue badge after the name). This means some people will have to follow long steps before their pages get verified, which could delay their strategies on marketing.

If your page does not have the blue badge, you cannot share branded content. The new guidelines are final and are not subject to any revision from external parties, so the only way out is to comply by working to have the page verified. Although this will not be pleasing to many people, there is no alternative route that can be taken to override the new regulations apart from verifying the page, which is also a process.

Additionally, if you run a verified page, there are specific guidelines you will also have to follow for your content to be published with the sponsored tag. This includes tagging your sponsor(s) and offering transparent details stating that the content you are sharing is sponsored. Tagging someone will now mean allowing them to have access to the stats and insights for the post. This is the first time Facebook are drafting measures like that and many users who were reliant on the feature before to promote content will be left with no choice but to comply, which is not something that can be completed in one day.

You should apply for verification, which includes submitting documents like your driver’s license to verify your location and whether you are the owner of the said page. This is a process that will force you to wait for a number of days before getting approved. If you are not patient enough, you may get frustrated if the feature was a major boost for your business.

What the regulations mean for marketers

If you must post content to promote your business or others’, then you will have to bear the inconvenience of waiting until your page is verified. Those whose pages are already verified will have a better chance to embrace the market and can post affiliate links without any challenges.

Check for the procedure on Facebook’s information centre and make sure to attach all the documents requested, otherwise the application will be rejected. Those with unverified pages cannot also post pictures and hyperlinks on their content, and this can make it challenging for one to conduct business seamlessly if the feature had any impact on marketing.


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