Facebook Content Creators Can Monetise Their Efforts with Facebook’s Latest Features

The creation of Facebook changed the world of social interactive platforms. As much as it was way to connect old and new friends, Facebook served as a business hub for sole proprietors and business owners alike. It was a chance to get cheap and easy marketing because of the large number of people using the platform.

Over the years Facebook has transition into a fully-fledged online business community that is apart from the social interactive section. They are constantly unveiling new ways for content creators to earn from their content in a lot of varied ways. Facebook has gone as far as giving content creators more chances to earn directly from other users.

They recently announced that they are giving the content creators more liberty when it comes to ad placement. This means that the creators can roll image ads in a video before it begins. This is a different directive from the norm which was to roll ads in the middle of videos which interrupts the content being viewed. Before this, content creators did not have an option on the ad placement on the video. Facebook would select the most suitable ad placement position based on the viewer and content type.

Earning from Fan Subscriptions

Facebook is also improving fan subscriptions by introducing a feature whereby the content creators can give subscriber-only option. This will be a great way to allow fans to interact with one another and also the creator. Content creators who stream video games also get to earn. This is from a new initiative called Facebook Stars. Users purchase virtual stars and send them to the content creator when they are live streaming. By doing this, the streamer will earn revenue from the number of stars they receive. This will give the users a chance to support their content creators currently; this method has not been rolled out yet as it is in the testing stages.

Updated On Creator Studio

Facebook is also updating the Creator Studio and adding more features in. all these is to increase way in which the content creators can earn more. The monetisation feature enables the creator to see and manage all monetisation products in one particular place. They have also integrated Instagram and IGTV together for better insights, improved content management, and additional publishing tools and these are being brought to Creator Studio.

The new audience and retention feature enables video creators to get a deeper insight and provide them with a greater understanding of the demographic of the users, viewing behaviour of the audience and more information on the interest of the. They also get to know how long people watch their video content.


All these improvements Facebook announced are means to encourage more content creators to get into the game and also improve on the revenues they earn. Publishing of original content is a hard task and this is a good way to appreciate the creators’ efforts.


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