Android’s Google Maps app provides real-time traffic data, nearby places & bus timetables

Android’s Google Maps app now provides information on nearby places, real-time traffic data and public transport information

Sick of traffic jams? Want to discover a great new restaurant? If you have an Android smartphone then you are in luck! The Google Maps app for Android now has some pretty handy new functions for helping you to get around. These are particularly useful for enabling you to get the most out of trips to places you are not very familiar with, but they may just help you out in day to day life too.

As an example, if you are out and about and need to find the nearest cash machine, as well as the best way to get there? Then try out this new functionality. Swiping upwards within the app reveals three new user friendly tabs: a ‘Places’ tab, a ‘Driving’ tab and a ‘Transit’ tab; which include information about nearby facilities, traffic conditions and timetables for public transport.

And it doesn’t end at cash machines, pretty much all of the main things you would need when traveling to a new place are catered for within the ‘Places’ tab; restaurants, pharmacies, petrol stations and supermarkets. The world really is your oyster.

The ‘Driving’ mode allows you to check real-time traffic conditions, and to avoid any snarl ups by taking an alternative route. Home and work addresses can be saved, and are used by the app to predict time of arrival. Tapping ‘start driving’ launches the app’s sat nav, which will give traffic updates as you go.

In the ‘Transit’ mode Google utilises the users saved home and work address to provide tailored journey options via public transport. Again, ETAs are provided for routes, making it easy for you to plan your journey. Timetables for other journey options are also provided.

This new functionality aims to make your discovery of new places, and your travel totally stress free. Google Maps Product Manager Marcus Lowe sums up the new features by saying, “Google Maps gives you personalised information about your world so you can make decisions and get around with confidence”. So next time you need to avoid traffic chaos, or to find somewhere good to eat in an unfamiliar part of town, you know where to look.


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