Google Announces Rollout of Lead Form Extensions

Google recently announced that it is going to roll out lead form ad extensions over the next few weeks. This feature was recently made public while it was in the middle of testing.

Two weeks ago, it was found that Google was testing new ad extensions that are designed to capture leads. Users are able to submit their contact information via a form that appears with the simple press on a call-to-action button. The contact information in this form is taken from their Google account.

When a potential customer is looking for a specific company, product, service or other items on Google, lead form extensions are tailor-made to capture their interest. Customers lose their initial interest when too much hassle is involved in submitting relevant information. Using a mobile-optimised extension, forms can be submitted much more quickly and easily while eliminating extra navigation sets like accessing your mobile site lead form.

During the testing period, Google found that one advertiser reported their closing rates for sales leads increased by 20% after implementing the new form on advert lead form extension. Others did not report a worse conversion rate with the new extension.

Google has only given access to lead form extensions to a limited number of companies for use in their advertisements. Within the next few weeks, the lead form extension will be made available as an open beta test to any Google Ad account that is eligible.

Not all ads are eligible for use with the lead form extensions. Recently, Google releases an official list of restriction that businesses must adhere to in order to use this new feature.

The following advertisement categories cannot use lead form extensions:

  • Adult-oriented content
  • Alcohol-oriented content
  • Gambling-related content
  • Healthcare and medications
  • Political content

Additionally, an ad cannot misuse personal information. This means that the information cannot be used in any way that its owner has not explicitly consented to. Also, the ads cannot display information about products that are no longer available. Any ad may be removed after its placement if Google finds that it is in violation of a trademark agreement. Advertisers are responsible for the proper trademark use of text, assets and business information in their ads.

Any other type of advertisement will be eligible for Google’s lead form extensions. This is provided that the ad abides by Google’s general requirements.

For those who are more interested in lead form extensions, Google has provided a section with additional information within their help centre. The documentation includes information on how to set up an ad form extension and additional information about their availability. It also contains helpful links to other relevant parts of Google’s help centre to answer any additional questions.


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