Google AdWords To Add New Click-To-Call Ad Features

Google has recently used their blog to let us know about a series of updates they are releasing to their Google AdWords click-to-call ads. As with all Google products, we expect updates on a near constant stream, but this latest batch of updates includes some very interesting features.

They have changed the ads to allow you to include the business name in the headlines, changed and added to the automated calling extensions and now allow you to control their functions at an account level.

It is this last feature which has generated the most interest. The update should save time and effort for anyone who would like to set up an account with different ad groups and campaigns. If an account level call extension has been created for the account, this will work for all the individual campaigns without having to create it for each of them.

Google released their statement about the update and confirmed that “You can implement them once across your entire account rather than adding them multiple times to individual campaigns and ad groups.”

This update can only help out businesses as they strive to get the most out of their Google advertising. The update, which has been released now and will roll out across the entire global network in the next few months, includes automated call extensions. These will work with existing systems to add the extension to more pages, taking the number from a landing page and assigning it to a related page.

Google said that “AdWords will identify landing pages that already feature a prominent phone number, and automatically set up a call extension and call reporting for this phone number to help you drive more calls to your business.”

The other major update to the system is the inclusion of business names within the headlines of the call-only ads. It helps to make the business more recognisable and will drive more traffic to both their websites and through their ads. Google have said that the aim for this update is “to help advertisers maximise high-quality calls from people who intend to call them.”

The new release is being backed up by an updated reporting system. The new reports will be released soon and will allow customers to add more details about their call adverts and their conversion rates. The reports will feature a number of additional columns, including ones for ‘Phone Calls’ and ‘Phone Impressions’. This will allow users to monitor and create reports which specifically target their call-only ads and their keywords associated with these. Suddenly you can change your whole marketing campaign to utilise only the keywords which generate the highest levels of business.

It’s an update which has the potential to vastly improve your conversion rates and could allow you generate an increased ROI from your AdWords campaign.


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