Google Ads: Push Promotions and Generate More In-Store Purchases in Local Campaigns

Digital marketing and online advertising are rapidly growing as more people choose to shop online. In the UK, however, as with many other countries, in-store purchases still make up the vast majority of total sales and shouldn’t be neglected.

In May 2019 at the Google Marketing Live event, new updates were announced which aim to benefit traditional bricks and mortar business owners and retailers. It was announced that these updates will bear customer needs in mind, with an emphasis on marketing towards audience segments, forecasting for seasonal trends, and automating marketing campaigns.

Here’s what you need to know if your business utilises Google Ads platform and you’d like to take advantage of the coming changes with regards to pushing promotions and generating more in-store purchases with your local advertising campaigns:

Seasonal Forecasting

Your business should already have a system in place for forecasting customer demand for your goods and services, but it’s possible that your adverts aren’t coinciding with peaks during sales and promotions.

This is where Google’s Smart Bidding system will be able to assist you. Adjustments during seasonal peaks and troughs can now be input in order to better cope with the adjusted demand. Stock shortages and logistical inaccuracies not only cost you time but can be very costly as well. Optimise your supply chain and integrate it with your marketing campaigns to help your business succeed.

Audience Segmentation

Adverts broadcast to a wide net for your niche can be costly, so you’re probably already aware of why you should be segmenting your audience in order to better meet their needs and ensure you’re getting a reasonable amount of conversions for your money.

Thanks to Google’s massive power in understanding its users’ browsing behaviours, audience segments can now be aggregated based on their purchase intent. Google Ads can now help you generate more marketing leverage in your market includes categorisation in a wide range of retail categories, including beauty, sports, education, and more.

Local Campaigns

Although online sales and marketing can benefit your business to a much wider area than your physical location, you shouldn’t neglect the power that social media and digital marketing can have on driving traffic to your business. Google’s local campaign format was created last year for just this purpose.

By running an advertising campaign on their search engine, Google Maps, and YouTube, advertisers are able to get physical business locations noticed and potentially generate more in-store purchases with the increased traffic.

This comes at a great time, since Google searches for “on sale near me” have increased dramatically in the past few years. By providing better quality advertising campaigns and by using Local campaigns, your business can more efficiently and accurately show customers deals and promotions near them that can influence their buying decisions.

Promotional Incentives

Local inventory adverts (LIAs) are shopping advertisements which enable advertisers to promote specific deals, offers, and promotions to potential customers that may be searching online in the vicinity of your brick and mortar shop. Instead of simply telling people where your business is located and the opening hours, you can now alert them to deals which can lead to increased conversions and sales.


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