Google Adds 4 New Features to its Google Ads Editor

The new version of Google’s Ad Editor (version 1.1) has arrived, boasting four new features (alongside updates to existing functionality) targeting enhanced usability and interface design. Here, we’ll delve into these four fresh additions from Google that businesses can make use of right away.

New Image Picker: A Greater Efficiency in Image Selection

On previous versions of the Google Ads Editor, using an image in different locations was a hassle. It simply wasn’t possible to upload an image once and then have that image immediately at your disposal to quickly use in another image field; users had to upload said image from their storage every time they wanted to use it. This new image picker tool changes that, providing a much enhanced experience for advertisers utilising the platform. Advertisers can now browse and select any image they’ve previously uploaded and benefit from advance warning concerning image errors, which will show up in the respective thumbnails.

Dark Mode: Minimising Eye Strain During Long Sessions

Dark mode is an increasingly popular feature seen on a lot of programs these days, including the updated Google Ads Editor tool. In normal mode, the user interface on this client has a bright and fresh colour palette, but this is known to put a strain on the eyes, especially when working long hours and late at night. To change the UI to dark mode, users need simply to click the moon symbol in the lower right corner of the screen, which will change the colour scheme so that the foreground colours become brighter on a darker backdrop – repeat the process to change it back.

IP Exclusions: More Flexibility in Reducing Unwanted Clicks

Excluding certain internet protocols (IPs) is essential to limiting unwanted clicks, be they irrelevant, malicious or otherwise. Previously, users creating new campaigns in the Google Ads Editor could do this, but this feature wasn’t fully supported. Now, users can copy, update and add IPs to their exclusion list in the settings, alongside exporting, uploading and downloading IP addresses. This makes it easier and more efficient to copy campaigns while maintaining a consistent exclusion criteria across the board.

Accounts Manager: A Clearer User Interface

Google has also updated their interface to include checkboxes alongside their respective accounts, making it obvious that multiple accounts can be selected in batches. Further to this, when an account is selected, individually or together with multiple accounts, these checkboxes will make it more explicit that an account has been selected, leading to a clearer UI and fewer errors when editing multiple accounts.


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