Enhanced ‘IF’ Functionality within Google AdWords

Google has announced some changes to their IF functions as well as to the default values employed for customising ads. Announced through Google+, the enhanced Google IF functions make it even easier for advertisers to customise their ads. With the provided default text, advertisers will not need to have an ad that isn’t using customisers within their own ad groups.

The enhanced IF functionality helps in customising your ad text based on the person searching and the type of device being used for the search, all without having to use a feed. If, for example, it’s a new customer, you may want to call out promotions for your products or services. For a returning customer, you may decide to give more prominence to the benefits associated with your loyalty program. In addition, you may employ an IF function for showing mobile users ad texts that are customised like pointing out their attention to your handy mobile checkout.

How IF Works

IF functionalities only work for those ads that are displayed on the concerned Search Networks. These are parameters that are designed to go within braces {}. The IF function can be included anywhere within your text ad, the only exception being in your final URL field. The parameter will be replaced by your specified text whenever your ad gets triggered by an online search.

The IF functions allow for the insertion of a specific message within your AD text when a certain condition has been fulfilled. A default text gets inserted when the condition is not met. This has the effect of making your ads tailored according to each search and for potential customers more relevant. Different from the usual ad customisers, the enhanced IF functions will not need to use a feed.

Whenever customiser text from your IF function or customiser feed can’t be determined, default values may now be used. You may, for example when dealing with mixers, set “Professional” as your default towards ensuring that even if the person searches for a mixer model not available in your feed, they are still going to see the equally close headline “Professional mixer.”

When generating ads in the web, the option for IF function becomes accessible upon entering a curly bracket {}. You can use the IF functions anywhere within an Expanded Text Ad. They are, however, only eligible to run on the specified Search Network.


IF functions to empower advertisers in terms of customising ads in a similar manner to how ad customisers permit, but without having to use the feed. Text ads can be customised depending on whether users are members of a list or on mobile. It allows you to customise ads based on the device being used and in retargeting within your list membership.


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