AdWords ‘Converted Clicks’ Data to be Removed in March

As of March 2017 Google AdWords will no longer be utilising converted clicks data in favour of the newer, more advanced conversions systems.

Converted Clicks first debuted in 2001 and has successfully been running alongside conversions within the AdWords system since then. It served to convert the data gained from multiple linked clicks, so if a customer was to make two purchases after following a single link or advert for example, those purchases would be considered a single converted click within the AdWords system. This was, and still is, considered useful data, but converted clicks have fallen by the wayside in recent years in favour of the more useful conversions system. Conversions have the power to collate data from across multiple platforms and contain many useful attributes which have revolutionised the AdWords marketing strategy far beyond that offered by converted clicks alone.

With a conversion system you will be able to see data on multiple actions which occur after a user follows a link to your website, including cross device interactions and store visits. This data will be invaluable within a marketing strategy as you will be more accurately able to predict the way in which your customer interacts with your business. With this knowledge you can then tailor the system to give the customer the best possible experience and hopefully ensure increased traffic to your website.

Google first announced that they would be decommissioning Converted Clicks back in September 2016 and have been putting the brakes on usage ever since, starting with the removal of the converted clicks option within bidding strategies. Now is the time to finally say goodbye to the tired old system and embrace the benefits conversions can bring to our marketing strategies.

Any businesses still utilising converted clicks within their online marketing should begin to make the switch to conversions over the coming weeks. This is relatively straightforward to do – simply select ‘conversions’ under the ‘tools’ heading in AdWords, then open up the settings folder and ensure that all of your information is set to conversions rather than converted clicks.

Take the time now to check your AdWords account and ensure no lingering data still utilises the old style converted clicks system since this information will no longer be available to view come March, and could lead to you missing valuable marketing information.


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