It is Important for Your Accountancy Firm to be Prominent Online During This Global Crisis

The outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting us on a global level. In addition to the worry we feel for our health and the health of our loved ones, there are also enormous financial implications that are causing even more concern for millions of workers, business owners and self-employed sole traders.

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the financial implications of this global pandemic and subsequent lengthy lockdowns, including the 5.9 million small businesses that exist in the UK. This is proving to be a difficult time for everyone but while the government has introduced a series of financial measures for the self-employed and employees, there are many small business owners who are currently facing some very difficult decisions. With the correct financial support and advice, however, they could find themselves in a position to weather this financial storm and safeguard their future, which is why high-quality accountancy services are currently more in demand than ever before.

You have the opportunity to contribute to the stability and continued integrity of a variety of businesses looking for financial support, which is precisely why ensuring that people know who you are, what you can offer, and where they can find you is so important.

For accountants SEO is key to connecting with the right clients

Many accountants have, quite rightly, focused their attention on supporting their existing clients during these uncertain times. Importantly however, there are thousands of small business owners who are hungry for information and looking for ways to access the advice they need, right when they need it most.

Business owners are looking to financial experts for clarity on a variety of topics, including how to access Government support, how to delay VAT, managing the financial impact of the pandemic, and navigating their options with regard to their employees. In some of the more extreme cases, some business owners are also seeking advice on how to close their limited company if things become too financially overwhelming.

Many business owners simply haven’t ever had to explore these topics in any depth, which is why so many are finding these new challenges overwhelming and tricky to navigate. There is a fine balancing act between supporting themselves and those they work closely with, keeping their operations running as seamlessly as possible, and the legalities of the measures that the Government has introduced. This is a lot for anyone to keep up with, but obtaining informed advice from a financial professional is something that will prove to be invaluable to those trying to stay afloat in these changeable times.

For all accountancy firms wanting to maximise their return on their digital presence, a considered search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is essential. Many businesses now recognise the importance of maintaining a strong and visible digital presence, which is why competition for the best ranking positions in search results is so fierce. But as increasing numbers of individuals and business owners are currently turning to the major search engines to locate specific pieces of information on a variety of financial topics, ensuring that your accountancy firm is visible to those who are already searching for the services you offer will help you to connect with viable leads, drive growth and increase your revenue.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, many accountancy firms have received somewhat of a crash course in SEO and marketing over the last few weeks. The firms who have embraced it wholeheartedly are already reaping the rewards, however some are still learning how best to approach their digital identity, determine the right ways in which to communicate with prospective clients, and how to convey the right image. Getting these things right is imperative because establishing your firm as a source of sound advice during difficult times will have positive, lasting effects on your reputation long into the future.

In addition to helping you to connect with new clients at the moment they are most in need of your services, the right search engine optimisation strategy will ensure that you are remembered for responding decisively to this financial crisis, by coming to the assistance of businesses and delivering the right support, in exactly the right ways.

SEO for accountancy firms will help you deliver solutions your clients need

Communication is key. But now is not the time to be actively selling your services directly because this is far more likely to cast a negative light on your firm. Instead, focusing on promoting the services and skills you have will help you to attract those who are desperately searching for the support you can provide. Demonstrating that you genuinely care is the best way to start building new connections. The businesses that you do connect with will remember that you showed up to help during their time of need and, in the future, when we are all on the other side of this global pandemic, you will be the firm they think of when planning for future successes and rebuilding their business becomes a priority.

So, whether you can help sole traders navigate an uncertain financial landscape, assist professionals looking for advice on business rates, or offer a variety of solutions that could help a range of small business owners, you need to ensure that your accountancy firm is ultra-visible in the search results for the words and phrases they are already using.

How SEO for accountancy firms can help you to build connections

By providing the information your potential clients are already looking for, you will be placing your firm in the best possible position to drive leads and make those valuable conversions that will sustain your business long into the future. But remember, it is OK if you don’t have all the answers immediately; we are living through highly changeable times and, as you learn more, your content and strategy can be updated by your SEO team to reflect the very latest developments.

Here are a few ways we can help you to build meaningful connections and make a real difference during this time of need.


Video is an extremely powerful marketing tool. The internet is awash with information and although much of it is valuable and highly informative, not every small business owner will have the time to sit and engage with large quantities of written content. Short, highly engaging video content can cover complex topics in ways that are easy for audiences to digest.

You might be surprised at just how much information you can convey in the space of just a few minutes, and you likely already have the tools you need to put together a short video that demonstrates your expertise, showcases your personality, and allows you to build credibility amongst your ideal audience. Zoom is an excellent video conferencing tool that many businesses are using to operate remotely, and it has recording capabilities that have a range of different applications.

Helpful content

Long-form content is often recommended because it can offer greater clarity and depth on the topic it is covering. Currently, however, typical best practices need to be adapted somewhat to reflect the current landscape. Right now, topical information is in a position to deliver more value to your audience than comprehensive, highly polished content. The news cycle is moving at a rapid pace and people are turning to the internet for the most accurate information from trustworthy sources to help them make the best financial decisions for their businesses.

There are a variety of different content avenues that you can choose to explore, including explaining key terms from Government updates and showcasing how the services you provide can deliver actionable, tangible solutions to the specific problems businesses are facing.

From tactics that will improve readability to strategies that will ensure search engines understand the context behind each page or video, for accountants SEO is key to getting your content seen by the right people. Whether you have been familiar with digital marketing for some time or whether producing content and devising optimisation strategies are new to you, now is the time to act decisively to ensure that your financial expertise can help and support as many concerned businesses as possible.


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