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Accountants and bookkeepers operate within an environment that has been extremely competitive for decades. But as general digital literacy levels have increased over the last decade, more individuals and firms than ever before are starting to understand the benefits of investing in a powerful search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy that has been shaped to help them to reach, and even surpass, a variety of key objectives.

Good SEO will help you to enhance the visibility of your business on search engine results pages (SERPs) but this isn’t always an easy task, particularly as investment in accountant SEO has increased markedly over the last few years. As a considered SEO strategy should be strong enough to become a foundational element of your entire digital strategy, it is important to invest wisely in this area. But how do you know when your investment is generating the kind of results that will contribute to the long term success of your firm?

Working closely with an optimisation team specialising in SEO for accountants will help you to ensure that your business is primed to capitalise on every digital opportunity to secure a leading position within your industry. And don’t forget, a strong SEO strategy can do more than just increase your search visibility. From helping you to identify and nurture new leads to securing additional clients and increasing your revenue, SEO sits at the heart of ensuring your business stands out for the right reasons.

Standing out from the crowd has become markedly more important over recent months as the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in upheaval for myriad industries and sectors on a global level. So, let’s take a look at why implementing the right SEO strategy for your accountancy or bookkeeping business is so important and explore how working with a dedicated optimisation team will enhance the outcomes of your digital spend and deliver a strong return on investment (ROI).

The value of strong SEO for accountancy and bookkeeping firms

In the not too distant past, potential clients would turn to phone books to locate the products and services they required. Now, however, the internet allows us to locate the information we’re looking for, exactly when we want it.

Search engines are the driving force behind almost every industry and sector, which means that you need to maintain a visible presence within the major search engines for keywords and phrases in order to ensure you can connect with your ideal clients, in the right places, and at the right times. Your potential clients are already using search engines to locate accountancy and bookkeeping firms providing the same services you offer. This means that ensuring your business has a strong and easily discoverable digital presence is vital because your potential clients will use the information they can find online to decide whether to approach you or one of your closest competitors.

SEO has become even more important in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic which has been causing disruption and uncertainty for most sectors. With more businesses and individuals turning to the internet to search for up-to-date financial information and advice, accountancy and bookkeeping firms have the opportunity to offer their expertise to a wider audience at a time of real need. Since you don’t need us to tell you that if people can’t find you they will instead choose to approach one of your competitors, here are a few things your robust SEO strategy should consider.

What does good SEO for bookkeeping and accountancy firms look like?

Online marketing services for accountancy firms are as varied as the individuals and businesses operating within this hyper-competitive space. As your strategy should be tailored to the unique needs of your company, each element should be shaped to support a set of agreed goals and objectives. There are, however, several core components that are present in every successful SEO strategy so let’s look at how we, here at Search Creative, could help you to ensure your accountancy and bookkeeping business is positioned to thrive, both now and long into the future.

The value of organic reach

Ranking well in the major search engines is an essential part of ensuring that your business is primed to connect with your target clients precisely when they need the services you can offer. Search engines look at a variety of elements when determining the rankings for every keyword and phrase. As such, it is extremely important that every element of your website has been carefully optimised to ensure that search engine spiders can access every page of your website to effectively comprehend both its content and its context.

Remember, search engines endeavour to deliver only the highest quality and most relevant results for each query. So, if your firm specialises in particular accountancy services such as VAT and R&D tax credits, undertaking smart keyword research to enhance the discoverability of your site for your target clients will put you in the best possible position to drive steady streams of convertible traffic to your most important digital asset.

Additionally, the stronger and more effective your organic reach is, the less you might find yourself needing or wanting to invest in potentially costly advertising campaigns to secure clients, boost conversions and increase your revenue.

Why you shouldn’t overlook local search

For many accountancy firms and bookkeeping professionals, focusing on local SEO will drive more beneficial results than a more general strategy. Businesses like yours will often find that it is much easier to nurture and convert leads who live and/or work in a location that is in close proximity to your business premises. The ability to visit your business in-person will help your clients feel closer to your brand, which will positively influence your ability to forge longer lasting relationships.

The best local SEO strategies are comprised of many individual components but, importantly, it is essential to ensure you are able to connect with the right people at the right times. In practice, this means you will need to understand when your potential clients are ready to convert in order to effectively channel them to the right pages on your website. Similarly, if a potential connection needs more nurturing, a good local SEO strategy will effectively direct them to the pages on your website that will provide them with the information they need to decide that you are the right firm for their requirements.

It is well worth noting here that a third of all UK searches also contain a keyword or term that refers to a particular geographical location. Furthermore, as local SEO searches are often far less competitive, this element of your wider optimisation strategy can be extremely cost effective and provide your business with a strong ROI.

How can partnering with Search Creative for your accountancy firms online marketing help your business?

As we have discussed, strong SEO for accountants has a myriad of benefits, including boosting your visibility within the major search engines and increasing your organic reach. As SEO is incredibly intricate and complex, working with a professional search engine optimisation team with the skillset and knowledge to ensure your strategy is able to deliver the kinds of results you want to see will be beneficial for your firm. Importantly, with the right team on your side, investing in a strong SEO strategy is one of the easiest ways to connect with your ideal clients and give yourself the opportunity to effectively convert these leads into long-term clients that will increase your revenue and contribute to the continued success of your business.

A dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives before devising a personalised strategy that will contribute to the long-term success of your business. This means that you won’t find yourself needlessly investing in an optimisation strategy that doesn’t have the strength or capacity to help your accountancy or bookkeeping firm to achieve bigger and better successes.

Remember, if you are an accountant SEO strategies devised by proficient optimisation teams will extend far beyond metrics and numbers. In addition to helping you to surpass your competitors and establish yourself as a leading figure within your marketplace, pursuing a professionally crafted SEO campaign will help you to form valuable connections with leading digital teams such as ourselves. We will continue to refine your strategy based on the emergence of new tactics and techniques, thereby helping you to maintain your strong search position long into the future.


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